Despite all episodes of KaBlam! (including the completely missing exclusive Episode 29) having been found, only one is known to be lost. A Japanese dub of the rare episode, KaFun!. Despite having much fame in the 90's, KaBlam! was treated very unkindly by Nickelodeon mainly due to several copyright issues of some of the comic books the cartoons are based on still belonging to their original owners.

Despite its plot of a Japanese knock-off existing of KaBlam!, KaFun! was not a Japanese exclusive airing, meaning it was mainly available in English and only in as well as a few episodes of KaBlam! aired in Japan. Before being found, it was confirmed that the English version of KaFun! did indeed have a Japanese dub.

Only the English version can be found online as well as on Mark Marek's and a 2-minute long version of the Japanese dub of the Action League Now! segment is quite scarce, but can still be found on mild pieces of the internet. About 15 seconds of the Life with Loopy dub can also be seen around on various websites. The only footage of the Japanese dub of KaFun! is the Japanese dub of Untalkative Bunny.

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