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Kablam is a commentator who stayed in the commentary community, until he left the Commentary Slideshow community in late 2017. he has private all his videos only 2 is on his channel on KablamBandicoot64's channel. one which came out in 2014 and one that came out last week. 

Lost Media 

Alot of the media is lost no one can find his works his only video he has left is his creepy cartoon video the rest of his videos are now all gone no one can find his videos

The videos that he privated cant be found. due to the that maybe he has never existed at all.

There is olny 5 videos on his channel.

Help me find his works

If you want to help find Kablam's videos we need to use something like the way back time machine or something to find the lost media of KablamBandicot64's Channel

4/28/18 EDIT: 9 New Videos Have been Surfaced as Found

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