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Kanon is an anime franchise that had first been created by the release of it's visual novel. The story was about a boy named Yuuichi Aizawa who had visited his cousin often in his past. Not having seen her or the town he'd go to for seven years, Yuuichi goes back - and finds girls that are somehow related to his past. After interacting with them, he starts to remember more and more about his past memories in the snowy Japanese town.

Due to the popularity of the visual novel, the franchise had spawned two anime series, re releases of the visual novel, and merchandise. There were three official websites created, these were for the 2002 anime, the 2006 remake, and the visual novel. The 2002 anime and visual novel still have their websites fully functioning and intact. Unfortunately, this is a different story for the 2006 anime. When entering the website's address, you'll be sent to a page saying "Nothing Found For Anime Kanon."


BS-I is the satellite broadcasting company that aired Kanon 2006 from October 6, 2006 to March 16, 2007.

Final Verdict

This website has been found. In a live state. It is simply now using a different link. It's most likely assumed that the website was simply given a new link and the old link now just tells the visitor that there's nothing that is associated with Kanon found on BS-I.

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