Kekcroc is an obscure video game released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis. Little is known about the game as


there appears to be nothing about it online except for the box art itself. The game has been described as low effort and unlicensed, and generally appearing the clearance sections of various local discount stores throughout the 1990s. The game is also rumored to have been ported from Genesis to MS DOS, NES, and Gameboy. Various screenshots have also been posted but have not been confirmed as real, as well as box art and pictures of floppy disks for the apparent DOS version from 1994. The box art features the word “KEKCROC” in 3D Text along with a very crude 3D Model of the titular character surrounded by phrases such as “Rock around the Croc!” and “A fun family experience!”. Although there are no videos of gameplay, descriptions of the game from anons from /v/ who claimed to have played include crude animations, jerky controls and movements, a terrible password system in the DOS port, the ability to collect “crocodollars”, and a location called “Toasty’s Castle” in level 5. Kekcroc himself is depicted as a generic crocodile wearing a yellow straw hat, and the game’s default weapon has been said to be a toilet plunger. An anon who claimed to work at a video game store during the 1990s posted images of a document asking for more information on the game after seeing it’s box and questioning it’s quality dated April 1993, which indicates that it was even obscure in its own time.

The last and most important proof of the game’s existence is a short sound clip from the game featuring very good voice sampling for a genesis game. The sound clip is of the titular character Kekcroc saying “Hi, I’m Kekcroc

2018 UPDATE: Kekcroc has been confirmed fake, as it was made by Nicholas Federov, a Russian parody animator.

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