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Emotional Rollercoaster was R&B singer Keke Wyatt's unreleased second album. It was planned to be released on May 31, 2005, but after being postponed twice, the album ended up being shelved.

Only one of the songs from the album "Put Your Hands on Me" was released as a single and was successful on urban radio in the United States.

Two more songs "Ghetto Rose" and "Who Knew" were released as singles, but not until Keke released the albums "Ghetto Rose" (2005) and "Who Knew?" (2010) respectively.


  1. "This, That, and the Third"
  2. "Whole Lotta Nerve"
  3. "Who Knew?"
  4. "Won't Do It Again"
  5. "Inspiration"
  6. "Your Precious Love" (featuring Avant)
  7. "Ghetto Rose"
  8. "Put Your Hands on Me"
  9. "Cheaters"
  10. "Shining"
  11. "Getting It"