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Star Wars itself needs no introduction, the company responsible for its amazing toy line, Kenner Products is almost as well known as the films themselves. From 1977-1985, Kenner created hundreds of commercials advertising the various toys available in their Star Wars line of toys.

Unfortunately, there have been quite a few commercials that have been lost over the years most notably in 1985, the final year of the line. It is understood that Kenner switched the company producing their commercials around this time, a factor which might play in the lost commercials obscurity and availability. A list of the lost commercials is available below. The only possible source of finding these commercials as of now is home recordings taped off TV.

Please note: while the Droids Cartoon and Power Of The Force Coins commercials have been found themselves, both are missing several seconds leaving full versions yet to be found.

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Lost Commercials

  • Toltoys (Kenner Australian Affiliate) Toy Parade (Late 70’s, LOST, supposedly includes all the SW figures and vehicles to date in a "parade" scrolling down the screen. The commercial ends with Darth Vader appearing onscreen saying "Parade nothing, it's an invasion")
  • Anakin Skywalker Figure Mail Away (1984, LOST, accompanied by narration “Get it before its gone forever” over a shot of the figure fading away)
  • Power Of The Force Toy Line (1985, LOST, includes flyover shot of toys)
  • Power Of The Force Coins (1985, full version lost, version currently available is missing several seconds. Video here:https://youtu.be/D5i49cjPmR0 )
  • Droids Cartoon Toy Line (1985, full version lost, version currently available is missing several seconds. Video here: https://youtu.be/rBYHQoSe1X0 )
  • Ewoks Cartoon Toy Line (1985, LOST, featured toy line, along with unproduced figures and battle wagon vehicle. No other information currently available)