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Kids WB Joey Hairspray Crazy Take

The only "regular" Crazy Takes promo to feature on YouTube.

Kids WB Crazy Takes were a collection of promos for shows on Kids WB. They took the form of outtake reels, with clips from the shows being edited to make it look like the "actors" were having goof-ups. They were shown in the early 2000's, but very few have resurfaced. One promo, seen at right, features Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh trying to say his lines when his hair keeps falling over his face. The only other Crazy Takes video on YouTube is a more general one, featuring Uncle Chi from Jackie Chan Adventures repeatedly messing up an incantation.


Crazy Takes 2002 promo

A more general promo featuring characters from Jackie Chan Adventures.

According to a YouTube comment on the Joey video, another Yu-Gi-Oh promo exists where Yugi's wig is blown off by a strong wind, revealing him to be bald. The commenter also revealed that characters from Kids WB shows did crossovers with other shows in some of the promos.