The first official English dub of Kiki's Delivery Service was produced by Carl Macek of Streamline Pictures at the request of Tokuma Shoten for Japan Airlines international flights. Kiki was portrayed by late voice actress Lisa Michelson, who voiced Satsuki in the Streamline Dub of My Neighbor Totoro. This dub is only available in the 1996 Studio Ghibli LaserDisc Collection box set.

Voice Cast

In alphabetical order:

  • Lara Cody - Ket's Aunt, Ket, Hometown Friend 1, Tombo's Friend 3
  • John Dantona - Kiki's Father
  • Eddie Frierson - Tombo
  • Barbara Goodson - Kiki's Mother, Hometown Friend 2
  • Alexandra Kenworthy - Osono
  • Steve Kramer - Street Sweeper, Cop, Additional Voices
  • Wendee Lee - Senior Witch, Hometown Adult 2, Madame's Granddaughter, Additional Voices
  • Carl Macek - Opening Radio Voice
  • Melanie MacQueen - Madame, First Woman Kiki Meets
  • Kerrigan Mahan - Jiji, Driver 2
  • Dave Mallow - Tombo's Friend 1, Dirigible Captain
  • Diane Michelle - Miss Dora, Ket's Mother, Tombo's Friend 2
  • Lisa Michelson - Kiki
  • Edie Mirman - Artist, Barsa
  • Mike Reynolds - Hometown Adult 1, Ket's Grandmother
  • Greg Snegoff - Newscaster Covering Dirigible, Osono's Husband, Clock Keeper, Background TV Newscaster, Kiki's 2nd Customer
  • Doug Stone - Hotel Receptionist, Bakery Customer 1, Driver 1
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