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Advertisement poster for The Emperor's New Groove, the film that Kingdom of The Sun was reworked into.

Kingdom of The Sun, also known as Kingdom In The Sun, was a film due to be released on November 22, 2000. The film would be reworked into The Emperor's New Groove.

The protagonist is Pacha, an eighteen year old llama herder voiced by Owen Wilson. Pacha meets Emperor Manco, who he looks and sounds identical, and they decide to switch places in order to let Manco take a break from his royal duties. A romantic plot involved Nina, Manco's fiance, falling for Pacha, while Manco is with the female llama herder, Mata, who joins him in his quest back home. Yzma is a sorceress and member of the Royal Court who longs to be young and beautiful like she was years prior. She creates a plan to block out the sun. Her minions consist of a talking talisman known as Hucua, three mummies named Mick, Bowie and Lemmy, and the dark force Supai, and Kronk does not exist. Yzma turns Manco into a llama, which the emperor-llama learns humility in his new form. The climax involved Pacha and Manco set out to undo the witch's plans, and Yzma summoning Supai to engulf the kingdom, but ultimately being killed by the sun, which Pacha lassoed and pulled down to Earth. 

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The movie had several delays and executives weren't fond of it. Eventually it was decided to scrap the plot and heavily rework the film into The Emperor's New Groove

Disney's Kingdom Of The Sun - Yzma Concept Pencil Animation

Disney's Kingdom Of The Sun - Yzma Concept Pencil Animation

Yzma's Concept Pencil Animation

At least 20 percent of the animation was complete and the entire story was created but only a few scenes have been leaked, via the documentary The Sweatbox. In addition to the plot being scrapped, every song from the movie was cut when it was retooled from a dramatic musical (and loose adaptation of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper) to to a buddy comedy; despite this, three of the Kindom of the Sun songs (with one of them being Yzma's song, "Snuff Out The Light") were included on the official soundtrack.

There is a fan petition in an effort to get the workprint released.

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