Kirby: Right Back At Ya! is a 2001 anime series based on Nintendo's Kirby game series. The anime lasted 100 episodes and was adapted in the west by 4Kids Entertainment in 2002.

In Brazil, the anime debuted in 2003 on the channel Fox Kids, by the dubbing studio Centauro Comunicaciones adapted from the American version made by 4Kids,it is unkown how many episodes were dubbed. Almost all episodes of the anime are currently with the dub lost in Brazil, with the exception of only 5 episodes: the first four episodes that were the only ones to be released on DVDs and the episode 88 (Shell-Shocked), which was the only episode to be recorded directly from television during the anime broadcast on Fox Kids.

Since the last rerun by Jetix the anime has never returned on any other channel and not even made available by streaming services in Brazil.


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