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little einsteins is an American show, there is a Dutch dub of it, called kleine einsteins (not to be confused by the German dub of the same name), airing new episodes between 2008 to 2011 on jetix play, now Disney channel's playhouse Disney block, after the series ended dubbing every single episode, it moved to newly launched-Disney junior channel, reran until 2014 on Disney junior channel, this makes 1st Disney junior Dutch dub to be clips only until 8th of July 2018, where 3 full episodes were found.

Found Episodes

Disney Used to destroy the dubs between 2014 to 8th of July 2018.

Our Huge Adventure

The Birthday Machine

The Birthday Balloons

Go West, Young Train

Rocket Safari

Brothers and Sisters to the Rescue

Rocket Soup

Rocket's Firebird Rescue