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Brian Ceja [1] or KonekoKitten is a Roblox YouTuber that currently has over 1.2 million subscribers. He has many privated or deleted videos on His channel that are now lost.

Draw My Life Video

On December 8th, 2019. He uploaded a draw my life video as a 300,000 subscriber special. The video was privated eight days later. He Privated the Video due to backing out as a trans women, and being comfortable as a man. During the SGN Podcast (Hosted and Co-hosted by His Brothers and his brother's friend respectively) User Aged String had told them about the video and it's entry on r/Lost Media, all of them being interested, However, the search wouldn't boost that big. On May 27th, 2021, The Same person who asked SGN on the Podcast (Now Privated) had asked @MalkGuy on Twitter on the video, After Implying He Had the video, After following him, He had said he's tried before Getting the account restricted Multiple times. On June 21st, 2021, The aforementioned MalkGuy Created A Discord Server For Finding The Video. Six days later on June 27th, 2021, on one of LSuperSonicQ’s live streams, Aged would Contact Lost Media Wiki Editor and Media Busters admin, Bray Bray to help make a Page on the LMW. Brian Himself, On a reply to now defunct Roblox Letters, states he will probably Remake it in the future [2]. The info currently confirmed includes:

  • A Friend Taking their own life. [3] And that it was somewhere in the summer of 2019.
  • He Was a transgender female who's new name was Luna.
  • The Doctor had heard 2 heartbeats instead of 1, confirming Brian and Seeya were twins. [4]
  • That the song used was Atlantis from the 1998 VideoGame Glover. [5]
  • That his Parents Divorced. [6]
  • That it was 12 Minutes long.
  • That He had a rough point in High School
  • The Only surviving screenshot of the Draw My Life so far.

    One Frame (Shown right) has survived.
  • The Tags which include, but not limited to, "roblox","funny","moments","funny moments","roblox funny moments","funny moments roblox","draw my life","konekokitten draw my life","draw my life konekokitten","drawing my life","Draw My Life - KonekoKitten","no swearing","no cursing","koneko dml","dml konekokitten" .
  • On The Wayback's Machine archive of the Koneko's channel page allows for the viewer to look at the a Few Frames from the video's entirety, but lacks sound and is in very low quality.

250,000 Subscriber Special

He uploaded this video as a 250,000 subscriber special. It was either privated or deleted. The 200,000, 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, and 1,000 subscriber specials are the only subscriber specials still public on his channel.

The Fall of Roblox YouTube: Nathorix

This was the first video in the Rise/Fall of Roblox series. You can still see the video in His Rise/Fall of Roblox playlist as a private video, The reason for Removal is Due to Koneko realizing that Nathorix (Now Scrimzox) leaked the 2019 Egg hunt. On March 1st, 2021, the video was Found by a Small user named lizackary


One of KonekoKittens most popular videos from 2016, this video showcases KonekoKitten playing a game called Airplane Simulator, by Derpie Studios. This video was purged along with most of his older videos in 2018, due to them not meeting his current standards. A download can be found here.

Update 8/28/2021: The Google Drive link doesn't work anymore but it is archived on archive.org here

Gaming Journalists Are MAD At Me AND The Roblox CEO....

Gaming Journalists Are MAD At Me AND The Roblox CEO.... was a video released somewhere in June 2020, which was when the Black Lives Matter movement was happening. Infamous Journalist site One Angry Gamer had Made the Infamous "Traitors of America" list, where Koneko and Roblox CEO David Baszucki were on. And this video was his response. The reason for deletion is unknown and the video has been Archived on Archive.org Here.

Other Lost Videos

There are tons of other lost videos. You can see some of the titles and thumbnails of them in the video “my OLD roblox videos...(CRINGE).” Three Videos "SHOUTOUTS" ARE HONESTLY STUPID", "KonekoKitten - The Streets Saga", "BLOXCITY THE MOST OBVIOUS ROBLOX COPY" and "GRAVEYARD SHIFTS ARE STUPIDLY EVENTFUL" Can all be found Here, Here, Here and Here.


Koneko DML private date.png

A Screenshot of the description from the Draw My Life.

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