Kuwagata Tsumami (くわがたツマミ) is a Japanese comedy-drama flash animated web series created by Rareko of Yawaraka Sensha (AKA Squishy Tank) and Gakkatsu! fame. The shorts stars a young half human and half stag beetle girl and her wacky activities and friends.

There were 84 episodes available at its website. The series debuted in the mid 2000s and the final episode became available at approximately November 2010.

The series was available in the Livedoor website until 2012 when the webpages for the series shut down. Following this event, many episodes are no longer viewable. The opening and a handful of episodes are available in YouTube and/or Nicovideo. There's also a DVD released on March 2007 that might have some episodes. (Exact contents unclear)

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