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"White Diamond" is a 2006 song by the Australian singer Kylie Minogue written during her recovery from breast cancer. The song was performed on her comeback tour Showgirl: Homecoming, but has never been commercially released, nor has it leaked.


Between Minogue's 2005 breast cancer diagnosis and the release of her tenth studio album "X" in 2007, it is known that she wrote and recorded a number of songs with a variety of producers, including demos for a fabled jazz album.[1] Many of these demos have seen the light of day, but one of the most sought after is White Diamond. The song, written during sessions with the Scissor Sisters, Biffco and Johnny Douglas[2] in New York[3], is thought to have been among songs considered for Minogue's comeback in 2007.


According to iTunes information for the live version of the track, the song was written by Groove Armada and the Scissor Sisters and features composition by Jim Reid, William Reid (of alternative rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain) and Calvin Harris (then little known).[4] The song is a dance-pop song similar to her 2004 single "I Believe In You" and lyrically deals with Minogue telling her lover that she will be there to support him in times of difficulty.

Leaks and official versions

To date, the studio version of the song has yet to leak. The closest official copies are the live version from the Showgirl: Homecoming album and the ballad version, released on the Australian and New Zealand iTunes deluxe version of "X"[5] to promote "White Diamond: A Personal Portrait Of Kylie Minogue", a 2007 documentary about the singer's recovery from cancer. A remix of the studio version titled "Ellectrika's Burning Radio Remix" was among a number of tracks leaked in the run up to the release of "X".[6]

Various fan-made mixes featuring audio from the ballad version, or filtered audio from the live version, have also appeared over time, most notably a filtered version featuring mysterious "backing vocals" produced by SoundCloud user KaneW.[7] A rehearsal snippet from "White Diamond: A Personal Portrait Of Kylie Minogue" provides a slightly clearer version of the live track without the cheers of the audience, albeit short.[8]

Live performances

The song debuted at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on the Australian leg of Minogue's Showgirl: Homecoming Tour on November 11, 2006.[9] The song comes third in the setlist and sees Minogue in a pink showgirl outfit surrounded by backup dancers in blue and white outfits similar to those worn in typical Brazilian carnivals.[10]

The ballad version of the song was performed on Minogue's 2009 For You, For Me tour, with Minogue sat on a gold and blue chaise longue.[11]