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"On A Night Like This" single artwork.

Widely dubbed "The Princess Of Pop", Kylie Minogue is one of Australia's biggest pop stars. With her career starting in the 1980s, her image started as very innocent, but became progressively more sexual over time. By the time her 2000 album Light Years came out, the image had become aggressively sexual and her music videos became known for pushing the envelope of sexual content. Her video for the song "Spinning Around" featured Minogue in various seductive outfits and poses. The singer quickly took note of the media attention she gained, making her feel quite self-conscious.

This did not stop Minogue's record company, Parlophone, from trying to milk her "sex-kitten" image. For the next video, accompanying the single "On A Night Like This", the label asked Minogue to push the limits even further. The video had a plot involving a bored trophy wife trying through desperate means to get the attention of her much-older husband.

Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This

Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This

The cut version of the music video.

Minogue appeared in a see-through dress that caused a minor controversy. What is strange is that nobody seemed to make a big deal about the closing final shot which was arguably more risquè: Minogue walking away from her husband, topless, shot from the back.

According to a 2000 NME review of the track,[1] there was a much more graphic, "banned", never-released director's cut that allegedly had Minogue fully nude and uncensored. She confirmed the existence of this version, but declined to comment any further on what happened to it.

It is likely that the term "banned" was slapped onto the music video to offer an explanation. A more likely reason would be that Minogue probably stopped the video from getting released or leaked due to fears of it ruining her career. Most fans support this decision, respecting her wishes. Other fans, most notably the male demographic that only like her for her, uh, assets, have been desperately seeking the uncut version of the video. Another, smaller, group of fans just want to see it for the sake of its rarity. Minogue more than likely has the master tape, though certain fans claim to have seen it, as have members of the press. Just like the uncut version of Nas' "Hate Me Now" video, this is one of the most sought-after music videos in existence. It wouldn't be until Kylie's breakthrough smash hit from her 2001 album Fever, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", that she would outdo "Spinning Around" and turn heads twice as hard.


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