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Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん) is an obscure anime series featuring the mascot of Morinaga's Chocoballs July 1, 1999, to March 29, 2001, which was produced by Aniplex and Group TAC. The series was released in very limited amounts in DVD format (though there is a rare box-set containing the whole series, which is usually very expensive), and, outside Japan, is found only in Hungary ("Kukucska Kalandjai"), Romania (the original name),Taiwan ("大嘴鳥"), the Czech Republic ("Červánek"), and South Korea ("왕부리 팅코"). It had 91 episodes produced, however, some of them are missing. There are a few episodes found in the original language and 78 episodes found in the Hungarian dub. [1] [2]


One day an explorer called Dr. Matsugale, found an egg in the cave on the Angel Island. The egg hatched and suddenly Kyoro-Chan was orn . This is the first day that Kyoro-Chan and Dr. Matsugale met, and then they travel together through the world. After a few years, on the way back to Angel Island, a big storm hits the boat of the two and is lost to each other. Somehow Kyoro-Chan gets to the ground where he was born. From this day on, Kyoro-Chan begins his life and adventuresthe Angel Island with Pachikuri, K,urin and Mikken.

Who is Kyoro-chan?

Kyorochan (キョロちゃん) is a Japanese cartoon bird that serves as a mascot for a brand of Morinaga chocolate known as ChocoBall. He has an orange beak, red head, and brown and yellow pattern on his body. His name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia "kyorokyoro", meaning "to look around"/"restlessly".

He first appeared in 1967 in the anime television series "Uchuu-shonen Soran" (Space Boy Soran). Originally, when the series began in 1965, Choco-Balls were consumed by a cartoon "space squirrel" known as "Chappy"; it was found that sales of Choco-Balls did not increase. Therefore Kyorochan was devised in 1967 as a replacement.

His popularity began to take off in 1987 when TV commercials starring Kyorochan that were weird, as well as commercial songs performed by famous artists appeared. In 1991, the name "Kyorochan" was printed on the boxes of Choco-Ball candies, and in that same year, the sales of Kyorochan stuffed animals and related products exceeded the sales of the Choco-Ball brand itself.



  1. The Birth of Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん誕生) FOUND, but in Hungary
  2. The Primary Job (総理なお仕事) FOUND
  3. Inspector Guriguri (警部グリグリ) FOUND, but in Hungary
  4. A Lonely Night (ひとりぼっちの夜) FOUND, but in Hungary
  5. The Little Adventurers (小さな冒険者たち) FOUND, but in Hungary
  6. Going Back in Time (時間よ戻れ!) FOUND, but in Hungary
  7. Condor, the mysterious thief (怪盗ギロッシュ登場) FOUND, but in Hungary
  8. Kyoro-chan becomes Mother (キョロちゃんママになる) FOUND
  9. Dance! Angel Festival (踊れ!エンゼル祭) FOUND
  10. Bakery War (パン屋さん戦争) FOUND
  11. Metor is coming (メトリさんが通る) FOUND, but in Hungary
  12. Condor is in danger (怪盗ギロッシュSOS!) FOUND, but in Hungary
  13. Meguro's Quiet Day (メグロさんの静かな一日) FOUND, but in Hungary
  14. Kyoro-chan the Big Hero (変身!超キョロちゃん) FOUND, but in Hungary
  15. Go to the Bank! (銀行へいこう) FOUND, but in Hungary
  16. Welcome, Alien! (宇宙人さん、いらっしゃい) FOUND, but in Hungary
  17. Kyoro-chan Goes to Work (はたらくキョロちゃん) FOUND, but in Hungary
  18. I love you, Guriguri! (グリグリ愛してる) FOUND, but in Hungary
  19. Kyoro-chan's hair grows (キョロちゃん毛がはえる) FOUND, but in Hungary
  20. Shadows Shaking in the Dark (闇夜に蠢く) FOUND
  21. The Duckling (カモカモカモン!)
  22. Kyoro-chan's News Daily (キョロちゃん新聞)
  23. Tears from the Stars (きらきら星の涙) FOUND
  24. You are Too Fat, Lady! (奥様は太っ腹) FOUND
  25. Will the Island Sink? (故郷がなくなる日)
  26. The Adventures of Kyoro-chan (バイバイ!キョロちゃん)
  27. The Dream Game (初夢ジャンボゲーム)
  28. The Police Chief Comes, Glover (ニラミ警視あらわる)
  29. Let's Play with the Whirlwind! (竜巻と遊ぼう)
  30. Kyoro-chan has Cooled (キョロちゃんカゼをひく) FOUND
  31. The Holiday of Snowman (冬の雪だるまつり)
  32. The Happy Wizard (楽しい怪しい薬屋さん)
  33. GO in the Galaxy Express! (銀河特急でGO!)
  34. Lots of Kyoro-chans (キョロちゃんがいっぱい)
  35. Welcome to Angel Island! (ようこそエンゼルアイランドへ)
  36. Our Neighbors, the Tanaka Family (となりのタナカさん)
  37. Masukara gets married!? (怪盗ギロッシュ大結婚!?)
  38. Mikken's Depression (ミッケン君の憂鬱) FOUND
  39. Kyoro-chan and the triplets (キョロちゃんと三つ子ちゃん) FOUND
  40. Kurin's Birthday (クリンちゃんの素敵な誕生日)
  41. Kyoromobil for Me (キョロカーを作ろう)
  42. Common, Kyoromobil (走れ!キョロカー)
  43. Shibashiba Returns (またまたシバシバ)
  44. キョロちゃん子分になる FOUND
  45. 発明王キョロちゃん FOUND
  46. Invasion Robot I-31 (侵略ロボットI-31号)
  47. Burn it! Pachiriki (燃えよ!パチクリ) FOUND
  48. Matter of taste, Mayu-chan (好き好き・マユちゃん) FOUND
  49. Thief Kyorosshu Appears (怪盗キョロッシュ登場)
  50. Everyone is Megro (みんな、メグロさん)
  51. Hageta Chibi Maru (ハゲ田チビ丸)
  52. Clearly Customers! (どっきり!お客さま) LOST
  53. Kyoro-chan Flys (ぱたぱたキョロちゃん)
  54. Space War in Tummy (おなかの中の宇宙戦争)
  55. Kyoro-chan does not Stop (キョロちゃんが止まらない)
  56. お坊ちゃまがやって来た
  57. Let's Live with Puffy / Pajamas Party (パフーと暮らそう/パジャマ・パーティー) FOUND
  58. Kyoro-chan at the jail (塀の中のキョロちゃん/キョロキョロ語講座) FOUND
  59. The Eclipse (キョロちゃん便/お月様のしずく) FOUND
  60. Let's play with Györome / Mikken's rope (ギョロメと遊ぼう/ミッケン君の逡巡) FOUND
  61. Dark Kyoro-chan / Kyoro-chan's sleepy night (ダークキョロちゃん/キョロちゃんの眠れナイト) FOUND
  62. Kyoro-chan's play (キョロちゃん舞台に立つ/鬼教官マッコイ)
  63. Who's the best at Bakery!? (人気爆発!?パン屋さん/うっかり裁判) FOUND
  64. Make a House for Pafu/ Kyoro-chan grows (パフーの家をつくろう/でかキョロちゃん)
  65. Wedding Ceremony / The Best Treasure (結婚式は大騒ぎ/最高の宝物)
  66. Gyorome Hyakuen / Kyoro-chan's tooth goes out (ギョロメ百面相/キョロちゃん歯が抜ける) FOUND
  67. Lucky! Lucky! (ラッキー!ラッキー!/キョロ爺さん) FOUND
  68. ギロッシュVSグリグリ/試食王メトリ FOUND
  69. Kyoro-chan Becomes an Egg / Kin-chan's Fellow Friend (キョロちゃんタマゴになる/クリンちゃんのメル友) FOUND
  70. Thief Kyorosshu's Big Success (回るセールスウーマン/怪盗キョロッシュ大かつやく) FOUND
  71. Kyoro-chan Duels/ The Small Picture-Story (キョロちゃん決闘する/小さな紙芝居やさん)
  72. Mr. Chibashiri Runs (チバシリさん走る/悩めるカミナリ親子)
  73. Kyoro-chan the Millionaire (キョロちゃんの億万長者/想いでのレコード)
  74. Kyoro-chan Dreams (天翔るチバシリさん/キョロちゃん夢を見る)
  75. Scratch Drawing (かきかきお絵かき/シミシミになろう)
  76. The Soap Opera Women (昼メロの女/嗚呼!ドケチの星)
  77. Sunflower's Ghost Ship / Snow Day of Terror (恐怖のゆうれい船/雪の日のひまわり)
  78. The Day when Kyoro was Not Here (キョロちゃんオニになる/キョロちゃんがいない日)
  79. 戦え!キョロレンジャー/元気ムキムキ LOST
  80. ミッケン君の彷徨/パチクリ忍法帖 LOST
  81. テレビ!テレビ!/雪だるまのお買い物 LOST
  82. 冷蔵庫の秘密/パフーとパフパフ LOST
  83. 真実の魔神/キョロちゃん、弟になる LOST
  84. らぶらぶ・キョロちゃん/となりのタナカさん2 LOST
  85. ニョキ棒/パチクリぢゃ LOST
  86. 恋文(ラブレター)/すごい!マナジリさん LOST
  87. むかしむかし/怪盗ギロッシュ最期の日 LOST
  88. I-31号リターンズ/ちっちゃいシバシバ LOST
  89. 誰かがわたしを愛してる/ハーブティーの気持ち LOST
  90. くっついたジロリ/エンゼルアイランド売ります LOST
  91. フエフエ音楽会/不思議なカバン FOUND

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