Lady Gaga Do What U Want 30 second leak

Lady Gaga Do What U Want 30 second leak

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One of the officially released "behind the scenes" photos.

Pop star Lady Gaga has become known for, among other things, her elaborate music videos, some of which are still among the most watched YouTube videos of all time.

When "Do What U Want" (featuring R&B singer R. Kelly) was released as the second single from her album Artpop, many people assumed that a music video was soon to follow. Interscope originally announced the video would be released through BitTorrent in December 2013 and behind the scenes photos from the video's shoot were released that month. Lady Gaga would tease the video on her Twitter page, stating those who had been shocked by the then recent performance of the song on Saturday Night Live were "not ready" for the video. [1]


Another officially released "behind the scenes" photos.

However, the video was not released in December. Lady Gaga later released a twelve minute video for her single "G.U.Y." in the spring of 2014 with no mention of "Do What U Want."

Originally, Lady Gaga stated that the reason for the delay was because she had been not been given enough to to prepare the video's concept.[2] However, gossip website TMZ would later state that the actual reason the music video was scrapped completely was due to claims that Terry Richardson (who directed the video) sexually harassed models he has worked with. Although Richardson denies the claims, the allegations were reportedly enough to cause Lady Gaga to change her mind about the video. Additionally, she was said to fear "blowback" from audiences against R. Kelly's previous child pornography charges. [3] Some who have seen the full length video claim it contains some offensive moments, including R. Kelly stating he will impregnate Lady Gaga while she is unconscious.

Due to these factors, the video is not likely to be released through authorized channels. Leak

In June 2014, TMZ released a 30 second snippet of the scrapped video. The scene opens with R. Kelly as a doctor who is examining Lady Gaga. She starts to moan ecstatically, while Kelly remarks that "the medicine is kicking in." A party starts in the operating room, with nurses manipulating Gaga's unsconcious body. This scene is intercut with another of Gaga dancing in a room decorated with newspaper headlines about her. A photographer (played by Terry Richardson) takes pictures of Lady Gaga as her antics become more graphic and sexually provocative.

Some of the reported controversial material, such as R. Kelly's "pregnant" line, is not present in the leak.


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