Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl was supposed to be R&B singer Latrelle's debut album scheduled for release on October 2, 2001 by Arista Records, but due to unknown reasons (possibly due to the album's two singles "House Party" and "Dirty Girl" failing to chart at all) and being pushed back numerous times, the album's official release was cancelled, leading it to be shelved.

Despite that, promotional copies of the album appear to be available (according to

Tracklisting (according to

  1. More Than You Know
  2. House Party
  3. Dirty Girl
  4. Mommy Was Daddy Too
  5. Don't Leave
  6. My Life
  7. Wrong Girl (Interlude)
  8. Deal With the Pain
  9. Maze of Love
  10. Infatuated
  11. Wrong Girl
  12. Mystery of Love
  13. International Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Remix)
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