LazyTown is an 2004 English-language Icelandic children's educational musical comedy program made by Magnús Scheving, There are many dubs but some of them are Lost

Here are The Lost dubs

لايزي تاون (Arabic) (some of Season 1 is Lost and some of Season 3/4 are lost)

لايزي تاون (Arabic Sub) (The Episodes were Up on Stardima but they Replaced it With the Dub)

LazyTown (Albanian) (Kohavision Version) (Only a promo exists Online)

Qyteti i Përtacëve (Albanian) (Junior TV Version) (Lost)

Мързелград (Bulgarian) (Partially Lost BNT 1 Version)

懒惰镇 (simplified Chinese) (Lost Season 1)

Laisk Linn (Estonian) (Lost)

Laisk Linn (Estonian Sub) (Unconfirmed To Exist)

LazyTown (European Portuguese) (Lost Season 3)

Letibygd (Faroese) (Unconfirmed Season 2)

Τεμπελοχωρα (Greek) (Partially Found) (There are DVDs of it are available Online)

נווה עצלנות (Hebrew) (Partially Found)

LazyTown (Italian) (Partially Found Season 3)

Eріншектер елі (Kazakh) (Partially Found)

Sliņķu pilsēta (Latvian voiceover) (Lost)

Мрзливиот град (Macedonian) (only 2 Episodes are Online)

LazyTown (Slovenian) (Unconfirmed Season 2, 3 and 4)

Tembel Kasaba (Turkish) (Partially Found) (unconfirmed season 4)

Шаҳри Танбал (Tajik sub) (Lost)

Байдикiвка (Ukrainian Voiceover) (a few episodes missing)

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