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In 1993, Legends of the Hidden Temple hit Nickelodeon airwaves, and has since been widely considered to be one of their best game shows. While no aired episodes are missing, there was a Temple Run (or possibly an entire episode) that never aired at all.

According to host Kirk Fogg on the web series The Garage Show with Jeff Sutphen, there was a female contestant in the temple; the episode, season and team weren't specified. She had been having a meltdown in [aptly] the Pit of Despair. The cameras were still rolling, however, she eventually vomited everywhere and they had to stop to re-record after everything was cleaned up. [1]

According to Kirk Fogg on E! News' Celebrity Sit Down, she was crying and she was upset after that and they had to fix her and get her happy again.[2]

No one knows why it happened, however it is possible she was overly tired as Temple Runs would be recorded during the night time hours.[3]

There isn't much more information on this than what's already been stated, but despite the [slim] chance of it still existing, it can be easily assumed that this was confiscated due to the fact the take couldn't be used.


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