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Life Is K-POP/삶은 아이돌 (Life Idol/Boiled Idol (Bad Translated)) Was A Korean 2D Cartoon Created By Iljung Yoon, Kim Min-joo (Both Female Directors) And Produced By CK Aniamtion School That Was Only Available On ANIV.

¿What Happend?

Well, ANIV Put Private On It's Videos (It Was A BUNCH Of Them)

Four Of Their Private Videos Was The Series. But I Remember A Middle Of The Episodes' Plot

What Was The Series

The Series Was About Three Characters, Two Girls, And One Boy. That They Love A K-POP Band (In Secret) Called Sweet (A Parodied Version Of BTS) Each Four Episodes, They Tell Their Secrets About Their Experiences Of Sweet. They're Called:

Da Arang, female (다 아랑)

Segom, also female (세곰)

And Lastly, Ducky. The Only Male (더키)

Before Telling What Was The Episodes' Plot, I Might Tell You, That Are Recaped Or Even A Nutshell. Also I'll Put The Episodes' Thumbnails And Teasers.

Plot (Pilot.1, FOUND)

The Episode Starts With Ducky The Duck, Working (And Watching Secretly Sweet I Guess...) Then He Eats Chicken (Wich Is Very, Very, VERY, Cannibalism!) Then, A Notification Popped Out Followed By A Tuk-Tuk Sound.

Their Conversation Are About Sweet. (Or Something Else)

NOTE: The Episode Started With The CK Animation School Logo.

Then He Cames Back Home To Watch Sweet Until... HIS SISTER COME OUT TO INTERRUPT HIM!!!!!!!!!! They Both Discussed To Make Their Mom AMGERY. Yelling The Two To Sleep.

UPDATE: CK Animation School reuploaded the Episode in April 22th. Link: https://youtu.be/P4cz_kyDDzs

Plot (Pilot.2, FOUND)

Da Arang Leaves Her Home And Lying To Her Mom (To Go To The Sweet Idol Convention) And Metting A White And Green ox Boy (Nameles, Who Also Loves Sweet) Everything Gone Right At First, And Drinking Jeulomin('s) Shake. Then She Realises That She Had To Chose An Option, One Thing That She Can Use.

Sniff. Then The Nameless Boy (And No Remembers Of This Ending)

UPDATE: CK Animation School announced that on april 10 the episode got reuploaded, so they did it. the second pilot's name is: idol cup holder event.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJZGlTmkiGo

Episode 1 (WARNING ft. Found TEASER And Intro)

The Episode Starts With Arang's Friends Going Somewhere. And She Stands Up With A Sweet Poster (The K-POP Band) But She Had To Do Other Things. Her Story Is That She's A Norplayer Some Scenes Contain Official NSFW (What A Relief She's B**bi3less And \//\&!=4less) And The Episode Ends Up With Arang Taking A Photo An Saying Her Name (The Only Transcript Archived Is At The EN Subtitles. My Name Is Da Arang) Only Teaser Has Been Survived. And Intro Also Found (Coming Soon)

UPDATE: on 8th, May the episode will be reuploaded!

Episode 2 (Also Teaser Found)

This Episode It's About Segom's Discuss And Sweet Obsetion. Segom Is In Class And Her Teacher (I Think Is Ms. Chikin) When The Teacher Says A Question Segom Answers It. Starting A Disscution Vs. A Female Version Of Mr. Ressetti (The One You Find On Animal Crossing Saga) Then The Teacher Stops The Girls Yelling.

Segom Leaves Or Goes To Her House, But Not Before Gretting Her Friends. And She Had Siblings. Her Package Come. Then At Computer Station And Forgiving Ms. Ressetti And DISCUSSING AGAIN AND MAKING THE TEACHER ANGRY AGAIN AND YELLING THE GIRLS ONCE IT For all. theend... Also Segom's Trailer Is Still.

UPDATE: CK Animation School Announced That in may 22 they will reupload the second episode, so stay tuned!


https://www.instagram.com/life_is_kpop_idol/ Thumbnails Are Found On Instagram (Account Required)




Update 4/3/21

On It's Twitter's Account Here's Some Serialization Message And On The CKAS's Website There's Screenshot From The Deleted Series And One Rare Photo.

This Means: Hello, life is an idol! Suddenly, the work disappeared from YouTube, so I was very surprised~ The contract with the ANIV channel that was previously serialized has expired in 2020. Inevitably, all of the existing series were released. The animation ''Life Is K-POP'' will start in 2021 It will be serialized again from Episode 1 on the new channel! More notices will come with the news of the series in the future! Thank you.

Screenshot From The Second Episode

Rare Screenshot 2/2

Screenshot From Ep.1

Rare Screenshot 1/2

Another Capture From Ep.1