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Xero was the name of Linkin Park, before they were Hybrid Theory. Originally consisting of three high school friends, Xero's foundation was anchored by Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield, who were joined later by Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn, and Dave "Phoenix" Farrell. Though limited in resources, the band began recording and producing songs within Shinoda’s makeshift bedroom studio in 1996. There were two different covers for the tape with one being the baby, and the other a shopping cart. The shopping cart cover was scrapped after Joe and Mike collaborated on the actual cover. The band had so much of a lack of success and stalemate that, eventually, following a public showcase at the Whiskey A Go Go on December 10, 1998 that went horribly, Wakefield, at that time the band's vocalist, was fired from the band, and went on in search of other projects thereafter. He would later become the manager for the band Taproot. Farrell also left the band to tour with Tasty Snax and other bands. However, he returned to the band in October 2000, after Linkin Park's first studio album, Hybrid Theory, was released.

After spending a considerable time searching for Wakefield's replacement, Xero recruited Chester Bennington, the former vocalist of the band Grey Daze, which disbanded soon after he left.

Track Listing

Side A

Reading My Eyes*


Side B


Stick N’ Move*

  • indicates that its found

- indicates its lost

Other Songs (not on the 1997 sample tape)

1. Closing (Rapology 12) (1998 Demo) *

2. Drop (Rapology 13) (1998 Demo) *

3. Fiends (Rapology 14) (1998 Demo)*

4. Stick And Move ("Runaway" 1998 Demo)*

5. Slip (1998 Demo) (Mark Wakefield) -

6. Esaul ("A Place For My Head" 1998 Demo)/Esaul ("APFMH" 1998 Demo) [Instrumental] (Instrumental Unreleased -

7. Pictureboard (1998 Demo)/Pictureboard (1998 Demo) [Instrumental] -

8. Dialate/Untitled Song (1996/1997 Demo)*

9. Coal (1997 Demo)*

10. Rhinestone (1998 Demo)/Rhinestone (1998 Demo) *

11. Deftest (1996 Demo) -

12. Carousel (1998 Demo) *

13. Step Up (1998 Demo) *

14. Dreamer (1997/1998 Demo) -

15. Weight (1997/1998 Demo)*

16. Stick N Move (1998 Demo)-

17. Reborn (1997 Demo) -

18. Pointillism (1998 Mike Shinoda Demo) [Mike Shinoda Demo On Xero Promo CD] -

19. NBA Inside Stuff - BG Cues (1998 Demo) [BMI Entry] (Instrumental) -

20. Pods (1996/1998 Demos) [Mike Shinoda College Music Project]-

21. So Far Away (Mark Wakefield version)-

22. Ground Xero*