Lost Media Archive

In 2016, there used to exist a review video on YouTube titled "Lion Guard blind bag review opening" by a user who's channel has now been deleted/terminated for unknown reasons (Although his username was something like; LionGuardFan100).

The video was sometime deleted in 2017, the same year the channel was terminated. It is unknown what caused the video to mysteriously banish from the platform. Although it could be due to channel reorganization or probably not enough views. The most likely reason is probably regarding that he is not a "The Lion Guard" fan anymore, and he wanted to move on life.

How the video looked like

The video first started with the YouTuber's intro (possibly LionGuardFan100 ?) going through a few seconds long, and later when that finished, that he greeted the people who watched his video like "Hello guys! Welcome to this review video, and today i'm going to present myself opening this box of Lion Guard blind bags!". Then he hopped straight in to open the Lion Guard blind bags with a single strip, although his video was pretty much bad quality (it was likely filmed with a iPhone 5c). He had 40 blind bags. And in the first one, he got Cheezi, in the second one, he got Zazu, and in the third one, he got Janja.

The rest of the ones he opened and what character he got is unknown. And the rest of the video is also unknown.


There are no updates right now. Please look on Archive.org or The Wayback Machine. If you find the video, please drag it back here, thank you.