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the Gang in SpaceCharacters LtoR Rocket, June, Quincy, Leo, Annie

This Pilot is just a pitch for Disney, No full pilot ever existed. Just a commercial. Full Info here: https://littleeinsteins.wikia.com/wiki/Little_Einstein_%28Pilot%29

Little Einsteins is a children's television show that aired on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) that was created by Disney and The Baby Einstein Company. But long before its debut, an early preview of the show appeared on the previews for the Baby Einstein DVD/VHS tapes Baby Mozart, Baby Neptune, Baby Shakespeare, Baby Newton, Neighborhood Animals and possibly Baby Beethoven.


Little Einsteins - Pilot Preview -HQ-

The Official promotion trailer.

This is said to be extremely rare to find and a video of this has not surfaced, though footage once appeared on a defunct Disney wiki page. The photos were taken by user Dinojungle but later removed by the Disney wiki because of plagiarism.

The early preview has a stay tuned bumper with Leo, Annie, Quincy and June sitting in rocket.

The promo itself has rocket flying around places and the Little Einsteins at the playground swinging on swings and singing.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube in 2015 with the names Little Einsteins Promo and Extremely Rare Little Einsteins Early Preview but they were both removed.

The Opening Theme was re uploaded by Spuffy with a Image of the Pilot. ItzSpuffy also got a clip of the preview and cropped out the Image and made it png.

The animation was produced at Boulder Media in Dublin, Ireland.

The logo for the pilot (Cia 2004, https://web.archive.org/web/20040903184204/http://www.LittleEinstein.com)