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Little Einsteins is a American show for kids made in 2005 for Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior, where it currently airs in the United States).

A United Kingdom dub exists. The dub is rare, but several episodes have been found (although some have been copyrighted).

The dub aired on Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior in 2005 or 2006 until some point in 2016.

This UK dub also effects this v smile game too. Another clip


The whole series is available on Amazon.co.uk, however, the episodes can't be watched for free, not even with a Prime membership, and can only be accessed in the U.K.

UPDATE: The episodes turn out to be the US Version unfortunately.

Several clips of the UK dub have surfaced on Disney Junior UK's YouTube Channel.

Almost all season 1 episodes can be found on iTunes UK with the exception of Ring Around the Planet, Pirate's Treasure and The Mouse and the Moon, while all of Season 2 is the US Version. The UK Dub can be found on some UK DVDs, even though some DVDs contain the US Version.

In April 2011, The Disney Junior UK YouTube Channel Uploaded 2 Clips Of The UK Dub:



In 2013, A YouTube channel called Gareth Williams uploaded 4 or possibly more episodes of the Little Einsteins UK dub, but these videos and Williams' channel were terminated in 2016 due to copyright issues. However, on 30th January 2021, dkjmi found Williams' 4 Little Einsteins UK dub episodes on divine revelations, but it is unknown if Williams had actually uploaded more UK dub episodes of Little Einsteins on his channel before the termination.

In 05/05/2021, The episode The Secret Mystery Prize was found fully.

Found episodes

Season 1

Note: This episode has a character introduction scene which was cut out in the UK version for unknown reasons though it could be possible that the UK version still has this scene.

Note: The end credits of Farmer Annie cut off near the end.

Note: Part of the theme song has been cut off and the end credits to A Tall Totem Tale cut off near the end.

Note: The title card was skipped a bit and the end credits cut off near the end.

Season 2

Note: This image could also be from the CEE or Scandinavia feeds because the playhouse Disney logo is faded similarly to these feeds.





Little Einsteins Theme Song UK Talk - English Music.


Little Einsteins - We're On Our Way UK


Little Einsteins S02E40 Rockets Firebird Rescue

The UK Dub isn't as Common as the US Dub