Blood In Saturn(lost ZX Spectrum game)Blow Out(lost Atari 2600 game)Blowin' in the Wind (unsurfaced Pixar animated short film; 1985)
Blue's Clues "Blue's Big Pajama Party" Deleted ScenesBlue's Clues "Blue's Birthday" Deleted Scenes; Only Shown on VHSBlue's Clues (Lost 2000 KBS Korean Adaptation)
Blue's Clues (Lost 2000 Korean Adaptation)Blue's Clues (Lost Dutch Dub; 2006-2008)Blue's Clues (Lost Tagalog Dub)
Blue's Clues (Rare Chinese Dub)Blue's Clues (Rare Japanese Dub)Blue's Clues (Various Dubs)
Blue's Clues - Asian DVDs with the USA VHS ProgramsBlue's Clues UK Missing EpisodesBlue's Clues UK Pilot
Blue's Treasure Hunt (Online Version)Blue Bunny 2017 CommericalsBlue Cow (spinoff series; proposed)
Blue Earth(cancelled Atari Lynx game)Blue Peter 2008 theme tune (Barnacle Bill version)Blue Peter opening titles (September-December 2006)
Blue Peter opening titles (Without the clips version; 2004)Blue Peter opening titles (with Andy Akinwolere) (June-September 2006)Blue Prints (Unaired 1995 Blue's Clues Pilot)
Blue Velvet (1986 Film, Formerly Missing Deleted Scenes)Blues Clues Deleted ScenesBlues clues korean version re-release videos
Blur- 2005 SessionsBoards of Canada's Early Limited-Release Albums (Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)Bob's Favorite Stories! (RARE 2004 unreleased VHS)
Bob The Builder (2012 Movie Adaptation)Bob The Builder (Original Pilot Episode)Bob The Builder (Partially Lost Episodes of US Dub)
Bob the Builder (Rare Welsh Dub)Bob the Builder (Super Rare Malaysian Dub)Bob the Builder Naughty Spud (US Dub)
Bob the FuckerBob the TomatoBobby's Girl (1980s Cancelled Animated Film)
Bobby the Lizard Boy (2000 Nicktoon short)Bobinogs (Rare TV show)Bog Bites Back(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Bogey (Lost Caidin Character)Bollywood 2003(lost NES hack)Bolívar: El Héroe (Rare 2003 Colombian Animated Film)
Bombed Out(lost ZX Spectrum game)Bomberman 3DS (2011 Cancelled 3DS Game)Bones: Skeleton Crew
BonziWORLD Ban Hammer SpriteBoogie2988 (Privated Video)Boogie Woogie Whale Sing Along
Bookworm Bunch (season 1)Boom! Studios/Disney Pixar comics (Rare 2008-2010 comic series)Boone (Lost 1983 NBC Drama)
Boris Karloff "Monster Mash" Rendition (Lost 1965 "Shindig!" Footage)Boss baby says the n word at 3 am (unreleased version)Bottom Deleted Scenes (1991-1995)
Bottom Live - The Stage Show Lost Scenes (1993)Bottom Series Four (BBC-Rejected Scripts; Mid-to-Late 1990s)Boulder And Bombs(cancelled Colecovision game)
Bowl-ed Over (Found Cartoon Network Powerplay game)Box 150(lost ZX Spectrum game)Brad Jones' "Midnight Screenings" Lost Irving Jokes (2010s)
BrainPOP (1997 Prototype Shorts)BrainSurgeBrainbombs "X!?+ +..." (Rare 1992 track)
Brainzoff(lost ZX Spectrum game)Brandon Lee Death Footage (Recorded in 1993)Brandy & Mr Whiskers (2002 pilot short)
Brandy & Mr Whiskers (TV Version)Brave Soldiers (partially found North Korean cartoon English dub)Bread "Guitar Man" (Original promotional film, 1972)
Break & Run (Unreleased Jimmy Griffin Album, 2005)Brian Hull's Videos On 2010Bricky Micky(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Bright Bear "Bernie"Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown (1986)Britain's Got Talent (2005 Unaired Pilot)
British Political Broadcasts (partially found, 1950-1997)Britney Spears "Make Me" (Original Music Video; 2016)Brix(lost Commodore 64 game)
Broadway Brawler (Unfinished 1997 Film)Broken English (Rarely Seen 1981 Film)Brothers In Blood(lost Commodore 64 game)
Bruce Springsteen Album "Nebraska" (Missing 1982 "Electric Version")Bruce Springsteen Unreleased Tracks (1960s-2000s)Brutalmoose's Shadow The Hedgehog Video (Original Uncut Ending)
Bu Qatada and Bu Nabil The Movie (Lost Deleted Scene)Bubble Guppies (Rare UK Dub)Bubble Guppies Lost Pilot (2006)
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2041 (cancelled anime series; 2000s)Bubsy 3D (Cancelled Sega Saturn Port)Buck Rogers: That Man On Beta
Buddy Buddy... A Dog's Life! (Lost English dub of Les Jules, chienne de vie...)Buddy high quality variations of looney tunes shorts 1933-1935Buddy the farmer unknown looney tunes short 1934
Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost British Dub)Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost Cantonese Dub)Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost Castillian Spanish Dub)
Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost Dutch Dub)Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost Japanese Dub)Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost Korean Dub)
Budgie the Little Helicopter (Lost US Dub)Bug Race(lost ZX Spectrum game)Buggy Ball(supposedly cancelled Atari Jaguar game)
Bugs Bunny anthologyBukali Kat Lost EpisodeBulldozer(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Bully (Original Uncut Version; 2011)Bully (PS2)- Jimmy Hopkins Death CutsceneBully (Playstation 2)- Deleted Chapter 3 Cutscene
Bumpety Boo (partially found Saban English dub of anime series; 1989)Bunyan and Babe (Unreleased CGI/Live-Action Animated Film)Burger Attack(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Burger Baron PromoBurger King Kids Club "If You Were..." CommercialsBury the Moles(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Bushels of Fun!Busting Loose (Lost Two-Season Sitcom; 1977)Busytown Mysteries (Various Lost Dubs)
Butt-Ugly Martians (Missing Episodes)Butterfly Valley (Lost TV Show)C'Mon Fwank (Lost nostalgia website)
C.I.T.Y. 2000 Paris (Lost 1994(?) PC Game, Existence Unconfirmed)CBC Kids Lost Letter Writing CampaignsCBC Ottawa Sign Off (circa 2001)
CBC Ottawa Sign On (2005)CBS Storybreak "What Happened in Hamlin" (lost 1987 episode of animated series)CBeebies Crowd Ident
CBeebies South Africa (Lost TV Station in South Africa)CFQC-TV Commercial Breaks Sign Off (August 1985)CFTO-TV Sign Off (circa 1999)
CJOH-TV Sign Off (late 1997)CJOH-TV sign-off (1999-2003)CKVR-TV Sign Off (circa 2002)
CNTwo- Welcome VideoCNZONE101 (Lost YouTube Channel)CTV-31 (former channel 31, Philippines)
C Bear and Jamal (found Fox Kids TV Show; 1996-1997)Cabal(lost Atari Lynx port)Cadbury Land (Unresurfaced 1998-2001 Adverts)
Caillou (Lost Playhouse Disney Spain Airing)Caillou (Lost Scottish Gaelic dub)Caillou (Lost Welsh Dub)
Caillou (Partially Found Romanian Dub)Caillou (Rare Croatian Dub)Caillou (Rare UK Dub)
Cain's Hundred (Lost 1961 Crime Drama)Cake Jerry Rap (Rare 2010's Recording)California Raisins (1990 movie)
Calimero (Lost English dubbed episodes and shorts)Calling All Safety ScoutsCalucci's Department (Rare 1973 CBS Sitcom)
Camp Lazlo!: Monkey See, Camping Doo (Lost 2004 Pilot)Camp Lazlo! (Lost Tagalog Dub)Camp Lazlo (Lost Castillian Spanish Dub)
Camp Lazlo (Lost Slovak Dub)Camryn Manheim Untitled Project (Unaired Pilot)Can Openers (Unaired Pilot)
Canada Bomb Head (Lost 2005)Cancelled Jet Moto Games (2003-2005)Cancelled Pippi Longstocking (1997 TV series) episodes
Cancelled Sitcoms (Lost 2000 Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones Film)Candid Camera (early seasons of 1974 syndicated series)Candy Candy (Lost English Dub)
Candyland Surfing(cancelled Atari 2600 game)Canimals: Bigger AnimalsCanimals (Lost Episodes of Children’s TV Show)
Cannibal Holocaust Unfinished Piranha Scene (1980)Canzo EmpyreanCap'n O. G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk (found ABC Weekend Specials episode; 1985)
Capital City (Unaired Pilot)Capitol Punishment (Cancelled 1994 PC Game)Cappy Adventures EP3
Capsule Samurai (Partially Found Japanese Television Intersitials, 2000's)Captain Carlos In: Snack PowerCaptain N: The Game Master (Lost 1989 2nd Version Episode)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Lost Scottish Gaelic Dub)Captain Sturdy (2001 Rare Cartoon)Captain Sturdy (partially found animated pilot; 2001)
Captain Underpants and the Orange CreatureCardcaptor Sakura (Rare German Dub)Cards of Death (Rare 1986 Japanese VHS Release)
Cargo Conquest: The Winning Combination(lost ZX Spectrum multicassette)Caribbean Trader(lost ZX Spectrum game)Carl Barks' Lost Disney Comics
Carly Mills (Unaired Pilot)Carmen Electra Untitled Project (Unaired Pilot)Carmike Cinemas (Missing feature presentation bumpers and policy trailers)
Caroline's (Unaired Pilot)Carousel (Unreleased/Scrapped Gorillaz Album)Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher's Breasts Photocopies (1970s)
Carrie Ann Moss Untitled Project (Unaired Pilot)Carry Me (Unaired Pilot)Cars Toons: To Protect and Serve (Lost Animated Short Film of Pixar Animated Series)
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (rare/missing segments)Cartoon Cartoon Weekend (August 25-27, 2000)Cartoon Cartoon Weekend (Lost Broadcasts)
Cartoon Network's Fridays (September 5-26, 2003)Cartoon Network's Fridays (missing host segments, 2003-2007)Cartoon Network: Classic Capers (partially found VHS release)
Cartoon Network: The Late Night with Mandy (June 13, 2006)Cartoon Network 'Toon Jam! (Lost 1995 game)/Cartoon Network Jammin' Video (Lost 1995 video)Cartoon Network Check it 1.0 Stuffed Nose bumper (Without Nood version)
Cartoon Network Jib and Crash Hollywood sneeksCartoon Network Logo Change (June 14, 2004)Cartoon Network Logo Change (May 29, 2010)
Cartoon Network Philippines Logo Change (October 1, 2005)Cartoon Network UK/Ireland Logo Change (April 11, 2005)Cartoon Planet (partially found bumpers of revival block; 2012)
Cartoon incorporated (Lost Youtube Channel)Case ClosedCase of the counterfeit Christmas (Lost treasury men episode, December 20, 1951)
Casino Royale 1967 (Lost Gunbarrel)Casper Deleted Scenes (Lost Scenes From 1995 Film)Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys (Unaired Pilot)
Castle In The Sky (1989 Streamline Pictures dub)Castlevania IV (Beta/Unfinished)CatDog: Saving Mean Bob (Unreleased 1998 Playstation One game)
CatDog (Lost Korea Dub)Cat & DogCat Tales (lost English dub of French animated series; 1994-1996)
Cathy (1987-1989 Animated Specials)Catscratch (Unaired 2004 Pilot)Cave Attack(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Caves of Cronos(lost ZX Spectrum game)Cecile and Her Very Own UniverseCedric the Entertainer Untitled Project (Unaired 2007 Pilot)
Cel Damage 2 (Cancelled 2003 Video Game)Celebrity (2000 Unaired Pilot)Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany (Missing Episodes)
Celebrity Deathmatch Season 3 Episode 21 and Season 4 Episode 20Cellular One – “Moving Target” (1991)Centerfold Celebrities 2 - Full Jamie Gillis and Brooke Fields Anal Scene (1980s)
Chadtronic's "Live Speedrun Akward Moments - Chadtronic Reaction" Video (2015 Lost Video)Chadtronic (Lost 2014-2015 Videos)Chain Reaction(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Chaldon(lost ZX Spectrum game)Chambermaid (Unaired Pilot)Chameleon in Blue (Unaired Pilot)
Champions (Cancelled Superhero Role-Playing Video Game; Early 1990s)Championship Ice Hockey(lost ZX Spectrum game)Chandu the Magician
Channel 99 (Unsold 1988 NBC Pilot)Channel Trailer (Jack's Junk)Channel Umptee-3
Chanticleer and Reynard
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