Daria (Lost Channel 5 UK Airing)Daria (Lost UK Dub)Darion: Child of a Stargazer(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Dark Shadows (2004 WB Pilot)Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks (Lost Polish Dub)Das Gespenst im Opernhaus (German “Phantom of the Opera”)
Davey and Goliath (Various Dubs)Davey and Goliath - You Dick - Lost EpisodesDavid Bowie "The Jean Genie" (1973 Top Of The Pops Footage)
Dawn Brancheau Death Footage (2010)Day Of The Tentacle (Cut Content; Early 90's)Day Of the Animals (1977) Radio Spot
Day One (Unaired Pilot)Daydreamer (Unreleased Jackson 5 song)Dazzler(unreleased Atari 2600 port of Century Electronics port)
DeMarco Affairs (Unaired Pilot)De Sade's Juliette (1975 Jess Franco Film)Dead Bart Lost Audio
Dead End (Lost 1985 Zombie Film)Dead Island/Island of Living Dead (original 2005-2007 video game version)Dead Rising - Behind the Scenes
Deadline(lost ZX Spectrum game)Deadlock (Lost 1931 film)Deadly Sport (Unreleased 1993 Arcade Game)
Deadpool (Cancelled FXX Animated Series)Death Becomes Her (Missing Scenes and Original Ending)Death Maze of Mandragon(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Death Trap(lost Commodore 64 game)Deathdroid(lost ZX Spectrum game)Deep Earth Adventure(cancelled Super A'can game 1995?)
Deep In Space(lost Commodore 64 game)Deep Kick (Unreleased 1995 Red Hot Chili Peppers Documentary)Deep Scanner(cancelled Sega Genesis game) (Lost Dairy Queen Virtual World/Flash Games, 2008-2017)Deftones Album "Eros" (Unfinished 2008 Album)Deja Vu II/Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas (Unreleased NES port)
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Delvecchio (1976 CBS Crime Drama)Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z (2005 Toei Pitch Pilot)Deposition of Ellen Merlo Tape 1 of 4 (Lost 1999)
Der Januskopf (Lost 1920 F. W. Murnau Film)Der Robinson Swiss (unfinished novel with lost chapters, 1815)Derek Savage Copyright Infringement Vs Fair Use Part 2 (Existence Unconfirmed)
Descontrol (Lost 2004 Unaired Pilot)Descontrol (Unrealised 2005 U.S Dub; Existence Unconfirmed)Desmellerizer (Lost Nickelodeon Infomercial)
Destiny Entertainment (Lost YouTube Gaming Channel)Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (cancelled PSP/PS2 ports)Detective Conan (2000 English dub pilot for Fox Kids, existence unconfirmed)
Detention (1999 Kids WB series)Detox (Unreleased Dr Dre Album)Devil Doll
Dexter's Lab Episode "Rude Removal" (Unaired 1997 Episode)Dexter's Laboratory (Lost Tagalog Dub)Dexter's Laboratory (other lost aspects)
Dexter Prep (Unaired Pilot)Dezul and Fwinds (Partially Lost Web Series)Diamanda Hagan's review, "Forgive Me For Raping You" (2012)
Diamond Brother(unlicensed NES game)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (lost animated television special based on book; 2010s)Different From The Others (Partially Missing 1919 Silent Film)
DigiGirl Pop! (2003 Anime Shorts)Dilbert (Lost Japanese dub; Existence Unconfirmed)Dilbert Fox Live Action Pilot (1997)
Dilbert VRML Cartoons (mid-90's Cartoon Shorts)Dino Crisis (Cancelled 2000 Game Boy Color Port)Dinosaucers (Lost Brazilian dub)
Dinosaur & ParrotDinosaur Planet (lost N64 game)Dirt Bags (Unaired Pilot)
Dirty Little Secrets (Unaired Pilot)Discovery Kids Giraffas PratosDisney's Coyote Tales
Disney's DougDisney's Dreamfinders (Lost 1983 show)Disney's Fantasia (Missing 1940 Deems Taylor Audio)
Disney's Home on the Range (Various Dubs)Disney's Magic Game Kingdom Online (Lost Disney Website, Late 1990's - Early 2010's)Disney's One Saturday Morning intro (2000-2001)
Disney's One Too - Recess gags (partially lost series of animated shorts; 1999-2003)Disney's One Too Recess "Gags" (1999-2003 Unresurfaced Shorts)Disney's Sing Me a Story with Belle (Mostly lost Disney TV show from 1995-1999)
Disney's Teacher's Pet (Missing ABC/Toon Disney Recordings)Disney's Teacher´s Pet (Found Latin Spanish Dub)Disney's Teamo Supremo (2002-2004 Missing Episodes)
Disney's The Wuzzles (Lost Arabic Dub)Disney's Toontown OnlineDisney Bomb Head
Disney Bumpers Latino YouTube Retirement ChannelDisney Channel "Christmas Shape" IdentDisney Cinemagic "Monsters, Inc." ident (missing ident)
Disney Classics Box Set (Lost Cantonese Dub)Disney Create (Creators and Related Comics) (2011-2014)Disney Infinity 3.0 and 4.0 Plans
Disney Junior Russia Lost After a Few Minutes BumpersDisney Junior UK Coming Up Next (Lost Bumpers 2018-2019)Disney Princess Lost Television Show
Disney Read Along StorybooksDivided City (Cancelled 2007-2008 Video Game)Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines Death Threat Letter (2003)
Dixie Chicks Album "Taking The Long Way" (Unreleased 2006 Tracks)Diy preteen show from 2011ish?Do Not Go Upstairs At 3AM (Cancelled TikTok 3AM Video 2020)
Do What U Want (Original Video)Doc McStuffins (Lost UK Dub)Doctor Who (1962) Pilot Episode
Doctor Who (Lost Unaired Cartoon Pilot Of Sci-fi Series 1955)Doctor Who (lost original United States airing, 1996)Doctor Who 1st and 4th Doctors Spanish Dub (1968-1971,1980-1981)
Doctor Who Missing Episodes (1963-1974)Dodge City 2(lost ZX Spectrum game)Dog Bites Man Episode 10 (Unaired 2006 Episode)
Dog Eat Dog (Cancelled Early '90s PC Game)Doggy Day School (Lost Japanese Dub)Dogworld (Unaired Cartoon Network Special 2005)
Doink! Network (Lost PBS Kids skit series)Doki: Team Doki: From Past to Present (lost dubs)Doki (Found Discovery Family Airings)
Doki (Lost Romanian Dub, Unconfirmed)Doki (Partially Found Turkish dub)Domain(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Domino's Pizza: so tasty the Mouth Boggles! - Lost US version (Existence Unconfirmed)Domino Man(unreleased Colecovision game)Don't Ask (Unaired Pilot)
Don-Don Domeru (Lost Original Japanese Version)Donkey Kong Racing (Unreleased 2001 Gamecube Game)Donkey Kong’s Fun With Music (Cancelled 1983 Famicom Game)
Doodle Doo (2006 BBC Series)Doof's daily dirt (lost episodes)Doom Episode 5 (Unproduced Video Game Expansion, 1995)
Doombugs(lost ZX Spectrum game)Doozy Bots (Unaired 1991 American adaptation of the SD Gundam)Dope (2001 Unaired Pilot)
Dope (2011 Unaired Pilot)Dora's Sing a Long AdventureDora Links
Dora The Explorer (Rare UK Dub)Dora the Explorer (Lost Hebrew Hop! Airing)Dora the Explorer (Pilots)
Doraemon/Albert and Sydney (English dub, 80/90s)Doraemon: Time Machine de OshougatsuDoraemon: のび太の結婚前夜 (Partially Found Episode)
Doraemon: 実用ミニカーセット (Original Japanese Dub)Doraemon "Adventures in Candy Land" (Unaired English dub episode; 2015)Doraemon (1979 anime, Phuuz English dub pilot)
Doraemon (Missing 1973 Anime Series)Doraemon (UK-aired dub, 2015)Doraemon Robot War (Lost Chinese bootleg film, 1983)
Dora・Q・Perman (Lost Doraemon Crossover Special)Dorchester Heights (Unaired Pilot)Doris (partially found animated series; 1983-1985)
Dorothy Gale (Unaired Pilot)Dota-kun no Bouken Roman(cancelled NES game)Double Dare - Lost Episodes (1986-1993 Nickelodeon Series)
Double Indemnity Alternate Ending (1944)Doug's Chubby Buddy (1997 Lost HQ)Doug: Uncensored (Triff51 dub)
Doug (Lost Icelandic Dub)Doug (Lost Japanese Dub)Down to Earth (Unaired Pilot)
Dozo Quest(lost Commodore 64 game)Dr.Franken (Cancelled Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Game)Dr. Ivo Pingasnik The Greatest Pingas (Lost Dora videos; 2015-2018)
Dr. Kyle H. StoutDr. Mario (rare NES prototype versions)Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (cancelled 2003 GameCube game)
Dr. Slump (Lost 1980's Harmony Gold dub pilot)Dr. Strangelove "Pie Fight" Alternate Ending (1963)Dr. Tran (lost animated shorts; 2009-2010)
Dr. Yesterday's Old Time News (Lost Show)Dr.slump harmony gold Dub pilotDracula's Death (Lost 1921 Silent Horror Film)
Dracula (Lost 1920 Russian Film; Existence Unconfirmed)Dracula Missing Epilogue (1931)Dragon Ball: Curse of the blood rubies (Frontier Enterprises dub 1986)
Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (1989 Harmony Gold dub)Dragon Ball (Harmony Gold English Dub; 1989)Dragon Ball (unreleased 1996(?) game)
Dragon Ball Z "Movie Overview" and "Looking Back at it All" Specials (Rarely Screened Japan-Exclusive Specials; Early 90s)Dragon Ball Z Kai (Ocean Dub)Dragon Ball Z Russian Dub
Dragon Hunters PilotDragon King: The Fighting Game (Super Smash Bros. Precursor)Dragon Tales: "One Small Step For Cassie" & "Circle Of Friends" (lost pilot episode of PBS Kids series; 1999)
Dragon Tales (Unconfirmed UK Dub)Dragonsfield (lost Avengers episode)Drake and Josh (Unknown Scene)
Drake and Josh Unaired Pilot (2002)Drawing Power!Dream(lost Commodore 64 game)
Dream Street (1999-2000 Children's Series)Dreamfinders (unproduced Disney Channel show based on ride; 1983)Droopy's Guide to the Cartoon Network (partially found CN launch preview; 1992)
Droz vs. D'Lo Brown (Lost 1999 Wrestling Match)DuMont Evening News (Lost DuMont Network Broadcasted Episodes; 1954-1955)DuckTales (2017) (Rare Latvian Dub)
DuckTales (2017) (Various Dubs)Ducktales (Lost Arabic Dub)Duke Nukem Forever (lost 1998-2001 prototypes)
Dumb Girls (Unaired Pilot)Dumbo's Circus (Lost US Dub)Dumbo's Circus (partially found Disney Channel live action puppet TV series; 1985-1986)
Dumbo II (Canceled 2001 Disney Film)Dump(lost Commodore 64 game)Dune: Directors Cut
Dune (Alejandro Jodorowsky/Moebius Screenplay and Storyboards; Frank Herbert Screenplay; Ridley Scott Drafts)Dungeons(lost ZX Spectrum game)Dusty Springfield's Third Atlantic Records Album (Found 1971 Album)
Dweebers (Cancelled 1989 Game Boy Game)Dymonoids(lost ZX Spectrum game)Dynamic Diver(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Dynavision Multicarts (90's and Early 2000's Bootlegs)E-Junior (Broadcasts from 2001-2009)E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Various dubs)
E4 ITV1 Celebrity spoof idents (2003)EEC-23 (former channel 23, Philippines)Eagle Sam (1983-1984 Anime)
Early Airings of The Nickelodeon 'Weird Object' logo (2000-2001)EarthBound 64 (Cancelled Nintendo 64/64DD Video Game)EarthBound Beginnings (1990 English translation of MOTHER)
Earth Mover(lost Commodore 64 game)Earthworm Jim (Cancelled 2006-2007 PSP Port)East Park (Partially Lost Web Cartoon)
Eastenders "Baby Swap" storyline (unedited scenes)Easy Street (Rare 1986 NBC Sitcom)Easybits Magic Desktop (lost versions; 2007-2016)
Eat Bulaga! (Lost Episodes)Eat Me! Records "Punk 'N' Pie" (Partially Lost 2000 Punk Rock Compilation Album)Eat Your Makeup (Rarely Seen 1968 Film)
Eaten Alive (Lost 2009 Animal Planet Miniseries)Ed, Edd n Eddy "Luck Be an Ed Tonight/A Room and an Ed" (Unknown 2005 Episode)Ed, Edd n Eddy "Special Ed" (Unfinished 2005 Episode)
Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost German Dub; Existence Unconfirmed)Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost Icelandic Dub)Ed, Edd n Eddy (Rare Welsh Dub; Existence Unconfirmed)
Ed Edd n Eddy: Episode 666Eddie Retractorhead (UK 2008 Nickelodeon Shorts)Eddsworld: Kid Thulu (Unreleased Newgrounds Game)
Eddsworld - Lost Scrapped Halloween EpisodeEddy Electric(lost ZX Spectrum game)Eden (2010 Unaired Pilot)
Edward and Friends "A Trust to Nature" & Original English Dubs (1987-1988 Missing Episode & Audio)Eggbirds; majorly lost series of 3D Animations; (2007-2014)Eight Days (Cancelled Video Game)
Eight Days a Week (Unaired Pilot)Einstein Pals (Lost Direct-to-video series)El Apóstol (Lost 1917 Animated Film)
El Chavo Animado (Lost Castilian Spanish Dub)El Chavo Animado (Lost English Dub Versions of Seasons 3-7)El Hombre Esponja (Lost Local Spanish dub of SpongeBob SquarePants)
Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic (found YouTube videos of terminated user; 2006-2017)Element Animation "First Video" (deleted video)Element Animation "Yolk!" Delted Video
Elephant Polo(lost ZX Spectrum game)Elf Bowling 2: The Great Halloween Pumpkin Heist (Cancelled 2007 Movie; Elf Bowling: The Movie sequel)Elias the Little Rescue Boat (Rare English dub)
Elliot Moose (Lost US Dub)Elmo's World Pilot (1997)Elroy's Costume Closet (Lost DLC)
Ember's Ghost Squad (Lost Episodes 2016-17)Emeril (partially lost sitcom; 2001)Emily's World (Lost 2004 Singapore TV Cartoon)
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