Marvel vs. Capcom Clash of the Super Nintendos (Partially Lost 2011 Soundtrack)Marvin Heemeyer's Audio Tapes (Recorded in 2004)Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (2001-2002 Missing Episodes IN ENGLISH)
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole "Mother To Be-Sa" (Unaired 2010 Episode)Master Logic(lost ZX Spectrum game)Master of Fantasy (lost online game;2008-2010)
Matanza de Toninas (extremely rare propaganda film)Matchday(lost ZX Spectrum game)MathZee: Piggy Math; 7-20
Mattel Hyperscan: Avatar: The Last Airbender & Nick Extreme SportsMaude "The Double Standard"/"Maude's New Friends" (Unaired Versions; 1970s)Max & Ruby (Partially Found UK Dub)
Max Headroom Television Hijacking (1987; Lost Audio From First Transmission)Max and Moritz (1978 animated TV series)Max and Moritz (1998 partially lost animated television series)
Max and Moritz (Rare Russian television adaptation of german children's book )Maya & Miguel original theme lyricsMaya The Bee (Saban Dub)
Mazing(lost ZX Spectrum game)Mazy Match(lost unlicensed variant of Unknown Atari 2600 game by Datatech)Mazzy Star Album "Seasons of Your Day" (Missing 1997-2013 Recording Sessions)
McDonald's Adventures (Cancelled 1995 TV Movie)McDonald's UK Stylized TV commercials (2005)McDonald's YumChums TV commercials (2004)
McDonalds fire prevention commercials (1987, during Valerie's Family)McGurk: A Dog's Life (Rarely-Seen 1979 ABC Pilot)Me At The Zoo (Lost HQ Version, 2005)
Me Too! (2006 BBC live action series)Me Too! (Rare US dub)Me and My Friends (Lost Backyardigans Pilot, 1998)
Mean Girls DS (2010 Video Game)Mean Girls DS (Cancelled DS Game Based On Film 2009-2010)MediEvil "The Dragon Level" and "Morton The Worm" (Unfinished/Cut 1998 Video Game Levels)
Meeow! (Lost Spanish Dub; Existence Unconfirmed)Meeow! (partially found animated series; 2000)Meet Mumfie! (Lost 1998 children's book)
Meet The Moores (2002-2003? Nicktoons UK short series)Meet the Robinsons (lost original version)MegaKewlie and HowieHusky at Megaplex, taken by others! (pgasael Twitter Moment, missing pictures.)
MegaMan NT Warrior (English Dub) - "SpoutMan's New Hero"Mega Man - 1994 Cartoon (Lost Spanish Dub)Mega Man Anniversary Collection (cancelled 2003 GBA compilation)
Mega Man Legends 3 (Cancelled Nintendo 3DS Video Game and Unreleased Prototype; Early 2010s)Megasub Command(lost ZX Spectrum game)Melanie Martinez - Where Do Babies Come From? (Unreleased Song)
Melicious (Melissa Lefton 2001 Unreleased Album)Meme Run (recalled Wii U eShop game)Mentally Advanced Series "Episode 11" (Lost Episode)
Mentally Advanced Series "Episode 23" (Lost Episode)Mentally Advanced Series "Redirect Animation"Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv (Original Video January 2008)
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (2004 ADV Films Dub)Merrie Melodies (1943-1969 Blue Ribbon Reissues)Merrie Melodies (1995 Turner redrawn colorized package)
Mess O' Blues (Unreleased 1993 Johnny Bravo Prototype Short)Metal Arms 2 (Cancelled Video Game)Metal Jack: Armored Police (Found 1992 English version of the Super Famicom game)
Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X & Metal Slug 3 (Cancelled 2005 Game Boy Advance Ports)Metamor Kid Goomin(cancelled SNES game)Meteor Rescue(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Metroid 64 (unreleased game)Metroid II: Return of Samus DX (Unreleased/Speculated Game Boy Color Video Game Remake)Metropolis Missing Scenes (1927)
Mew Mew Power (Rare Dutch Dub)Miami Nice (Lost 1984 Promo Sketch)Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City (Cancelled 1994 Sega Genesis Port)
Mickey's Golden Jubilee (Lost US Dub)Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Partially Found Hebrew Dub)Mickey Mouse Revue Preshow Film
Mickey Mouse Works Episode "Minnie Takes Care of Pluto" (2000 English Dub)Mickey Mouse in VietnamMickey Mouse in Vietnam (Previously-Lost Silent Animated Short; 1968)
Mickey and Friends' Greatest Hits (Lost English Dubs)Mickey and Minnie Mouse "Sex Tape" (1936 Animated Pornographic Short; Existence Unconfirmed)Micro Sapiens(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Midnight Club 5 (Unnanounced Cancelled X360 - PS3 game)Midnight Horror School (Partially Found Latin Spanish Dub)Midnight Rider (partially found unfinished biographical film based on band; 2013-2014)
Midoro Swamp Japanese Version (Lost Astro Boy 1963 Episode)Miffy & Friends (ABC For Kids Exclusive CD)Miffy and Friends (PBS Kids version)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (original 1st fighting scene footage)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lost EpisodeMighty Morphin Power Rangers Original Pilot (Found)
Mighty MutanimalsMighty Space MinersMike, Lu & Og Pilot Episode "Crash Lancelot" (Lost episode from The Cartoon Cartoon Show; 1998)
MikeJTV (Lost Videos)Mike Henry Batman Publicity StillsMiki Dog(lost Atari 2600 game)
Miley Cyrus - No Stopping Me (Unreleased/Lost Song)Milkshake! US (lost TV channel; 2008-2011)Milo's Bug Quest (Lost 1999-2000 Korean-Canadian series)
Milo Counting 20 (Sesame Street Segment) (Existence Unconfirmed)Mind Boggler(lost ZX Spectrum game)Mindreaders (Lost 1979-1980 Game Show)
Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft (Lost Versions)Minecraft Misadeventures (Cancelled YouTube Series, 2017-18)
Mini Beat Power Rockers (lost English dub)Mini Beat Power Rockers Pilot episode (Existence Unconfirmed)Mini Toons (Disney´s animated shorts series)
Minimax (partially found identity package; 1995-2006)Minna no Uta (Missing Music Videos)Mio Mao (Lost Episodes)
Mio Mao (partially lost episodes of children's claymation TV series; 1974-1976; late 2005; 2009)Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Gagotor (cancelled episode of animated series; 2019)Miraculous Ladybug (Various dubs)
Miranda al Frente (1997 Guerrilla Music Album)Mischief City (Lost YTV cartoon, 2005)Miss BG (Rare English Dub)
Miss Behave (2010 teen drama web series)Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (Rare UK Dub)Miss Teen Canada 1990 (lost beauty pageant)
Missasinfonia(lost ad of insecticide)Missing "HBO Storybook Musicals" EpisodesMissing 2009 alt-J Songs
Missing Amtrak Cascades Derailment Crash VideoMissing Asteroid Andy Shorts (2008? - 2011)Missing CSM Songs
Missing Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre promosMissing Episodes of ACWL (Allan's Championship Wrestling League) (Web Series)Missing Links (1997 TV Pilot)
Missing Nick Jr. Curriculum Boards (2009-2010)Missing Nick Jr. Curriculum Boards (2010-2012)Missing Nick Jr. Moose And Zee Bumpers (2009-2012)
Missing Noggin Curriculum Boards (Late 2005-2009)Missing Playhouse Disney "Up Next/After" BumpersMissing Playhouse Disney Clay Bumpers
Missing Playhouse Disney Ooh & Aah bumpers (2007-2011)Missing Playhouse Disney Ooh And Aah "Spin The Wheel" BumpersMission Control (Pilot - Cancelled 2014 NBC Sitcom)
Mission Hill (Lost Japanese dub; Existence Unconfirmed)Mission Omega(cancelled Atari 2600 game)Mission Zolo(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Mission in SnowdriftlandMister Moose's Fun Time (Lost Spinoff Series)Mister Roger's Neighborhood: "Conflict" (1983 TV episodes)
Mister Roger's Neighborhood: "Remembering" (1976 TV episodes)Mix TV Presents: Eminem (lost puzzle game for PlayStation/PC, 2003)MoBrosStudios' Lost/Cancelled Videos
Modular Escape(lost original versions of music)Mogul Maniac(unreleased Colecovision port)Molly of Denali Pilot
Momma Can I Mow The Lawn? (Canceled Gizmondo Game)Mon Colle Knights (Lost Brazilian dub)Money Run(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Monika no Shiro (Canceled Sega Saturn Game)Monkey Ball (Cancelled Dreamcast Port)Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Deleted Scene; 1991)
Monoshiri Daigaku Ashita No Calendar (Lost Japanese educative series)Monster Allergy (Lost Kids WB English Dub)Monster Buster Club (Lost Hebrew Dub)
Monster By Mistake (Lost 1999-2006 Television Series)Monster High: The Lost MovieMonster High Mayhem (Rare/Lost Web Series)
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd G (Cancelled updated version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd)Monster Party (Unreleased NES Prototype)Monster Safari (Unknown 2009 Stop-Motion Animated Film)
Monster vs. Ailens (Lost Hebrew Dub)Monsters, Inc. Early TestMoortown(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Moose and Zee (Rare UK dub)Moprh.TV (Lost Live stream)Moral Orel Episode "Abstinence" (Rarely Screened 2000s Episode)
MoreMarcus (Lost UK YouTube programme)Morgan's Gold (unmade cartoon, 1939)Morph Sports (Lost Nickelodeon Game Show Pilot)
Morriah Album "Let the Sword Descend" (Limited Release 1980s-1990s Demo Tape)Motto! Ojamajo Doremi (Found Castillan Spanish Dub)Mountain Sports(unreleased SNES game)
Moves & video games with gus (2007-2015? cartoon network austrailia segments)Mr. Cuke's Screen Test (Lost 1991 VeggieTales Animation Test)Mr. Gallegher and Mr. Shean
Mr. Meaty ShortsMr. Men and Little Miss (Rare US Dub)Mr. Men and Little Miss - "Goodbye Mr. Tickle"
Mr. Potato Head (1994 animated film)Mr. Sardonicus ("Merciful" Ending)Mr. Smith (Rare 1983 NBC Sitcom)
Mr. T and Tina (Very Rare 1976 Spin-Off)MrEnter: Original Pet Sitter Pat ReviewMr Bean: The Animated Series (Lost US Dub)
Mr Enter's "A Dog and Pony Show" ReviewMr Men TV show (80s music version)Mrs. Mouth (1980's-90's Public Access)
Ms. Pac-Man Twin(lost Ms. Pac-Man hack)Muh und Mäh - Boomerang Bauernhof-Geschichten (German Boomerang TV Series; 2013)Mujer casos de la vida real(lost episodes Existence Unconfirmed)
MumbleBumble (partially found animated childrens series; 1998)Muppet Home Video (Partially Lost Series of Compilation Tapes of The Muppet Show)Muppets Lost Episode
Music Land (Lost Disney Package Feature, 1955)Music Painter(lost NES game)Musical Mornings with Coo (rare block)
Mutant League (rare cartoon based off video game; 1990s)Mutt & Jeff (1910s-1930s)MySims Social (Cancelled Facebook Game)
My Bedbugs (Rare TV Show)My Best Friend's Birthday (1987 Partially-Lost Quentin Tarantino Film)My Bloody Valentine's 2 Missing EPs (1990s)
My Bloody Valentine - Uncut Version (1981)My Bloody Valentine Album "Loveless" Lyrical Manuscript (1991)My Chemical Romance "Sister To Sleep" (Lost/Unreleased Studio Recording)
My Chemical Romance "The Attic Demos" (Partially Found Demos of Songs)My First Movies (Partially Lost BabyFirst Cinema Movie Series)My Friend Rabbit (Various Lost Dubs)
My Friends Tigger & Pooh (Unaired 2006 Pilot)My Friends Tigger and Pooh (Brazilian Dub)My Gym Partner's a Monkey (Lost Danish Dub)
My Gym Partner's a Monkey (Lost Pilots; 2003/2004)My Gym Partner's a Monkey (Lost Slovak Dub)My Life Me (rare Canadian made cartoon)
My Life as a Teenage Robot (Rare French Dub)My Life as a Teenage Robot (Rare Japanese Dub)My Little Pony: Boy Apple (2009)
My Little Pony: Friday Night Dinner (Lost Webseries)My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Unaired 2008 Pilot; Existence Unconfirmed)My Melody's Magical Adventure (Mid-2000's Cartoon Network Dub)
My Peoples (Cancelled Disney Film)My Peoples (partially found cancelled Disney animated film; late 1990s-early 2000s)My Pingu TV - Dina And The Prince (partially lost controversial YouTube Kids video)
My Retro Life (Lost Episodes of YouTube show, 2010s)My Singing Monsters (lost apk versions)My Special Book
My Vitriol Album "A Pyrrhic Victory" (Unreleased 2000s Tracks)My World (Lost Cartoon Short; c. 1998)My copy of The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS
Myke C-Town - "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" (Lost Kid Cudi Album Review)Mystery Science Theater 3000 Missing KTMA Episodes (1988, 3 Episodes)Mäusejagd und Katzenjammer(partially lost german Klondike Kat dub)
Mõmmi ja aabits (Estonian Children's Series)NAGE Hunt(NES homebrew)NBC "Chime In" On-Air Spots (2008-2009)
NFL Blitz (1997 Prototype)NHL Lockout (Jerry Craft Cartoon)NOVA "Einstein's Big Idea" (2005, Lost Original Broadcast Funding Credits)
NTB Turner (missing commercial)Naisu-kun Mini(lost Sega Genesis home banking cartridge)Nanalan
Nandemo!? Taihoman (Cancelled 1995 Super Famicom Game)Nas featuring Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" Uncut Music VideoNasrudin
National Amusements (2000's Feature Presentation, found Ident)National Lampoon's Vacation Original Ending (1983)Nature Cat Lost Episode (Existence Uncomfirmed)
Nature Cat Park Builder GameNckelodeon Pakistan (Suspended TV Channel, 2006-2016)Ned's Declassified High School Survival Guide (Cancelled 2008 Pilot)
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (Lost and Unaired 2000s Episodes)Needlemouse (Unreleased Platformer Video Game, 2009)Neighbours "Episode 3896" (Unresurfaced 2001 Episode)
Neil Cicierega's "Animutation Anthology"Nella the Princess Knight (Uncommon UK Dub)
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