Twitch Plays Pokémon Red - First 35 hours (Lost 2014 Let's Play)Twizzlers – “Check Me Out” (1996)Tyrannosaurus Sex (2010 Discovery Channel documentary)
U-Sing-Along Karaoke Volume 2 (Original Version)U.F.O. ABDUCTION aka The McPherson Tape (1989 Found-Footage Mockumentary)UHF (deleted scenes)
UKTV Doctor Who 40th Aniversary "Special Suprise" (2003)UPICK Friday (Lost Winners,1999-2000)USA Network generic bumper (1996)
Ufouria: The Saga (Lost American localization)Uglydolls (unproduced Universal Pictures animated film, 2011)Ultimate Journey (Unreleased 1992 NES Game)
Ultimate Quiz(lost ZX Spectrum game)Ultimate Spiderman 2 Cancelled Game (2006)Ultra B (Original Japanese Episodes)
Ultra Q (Missing English Dubbed Episodes, Late 1960s)Ultraman Tiga (Partially Found 4Kids English Dub)Un juego de huevos(lost video game based on mexican movie 2010)
Una Aventura con Mattel (Partially lost 2011-2013 series)Unaired Mixels EpisodeUnaired Monsignor Martinez Pilot (2000 Live-Action "King of the Hill" Spinoff)
Uncle Grandpa (Season Four - Episode 10-25)Uncle Gus (English Audio)Uncle Walt (1964 Unofficial Disney Short)
Unconfirmed Adventures in Wonderland/The Muppets Crossover (cancelled 1994 crossover)Unconfirmed Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover (Non-existent/Fake crossover of Cartoon Network animated series)Underdog Vs. Star Trek (first video created by a Time Traveler)
Underworld(cancelled Atari 2600 game)Unfinished Jim Henson Pictures Muppet movies (late 1990s-early 2000s)Unikitty! unaired pilot
United! (Lost 1965-1967 British Soap Opera)United Artists' Early VHS Releases (1980)Unknown Arabic Dance Program from Hanna
Unknown Beach Program from SpeciesUnknown C64 cancelled football(soccer) gamesUnknown Cuban Channel
Unknown Greek CartoonUnknown Lost Animation with Goth Girl bullies (2000's(?))Unknown Nickelodeon sitcom
Unknown anime about Chipmunk CreatureUnknown cartoonUnknown song
Unnamed Angry Birds Space Fan Game (Lost flash game, Year Unknown)Unnecessary Turtle (April 2016-June 2016)Unproduced Peanuts Specials
Unreleased My Little Pony Special (Early 80s)Unreleased Pac-Man Tengen PortUnreleased Rosé Solo (Unconfirmed)
Untitled Charles Manson Project (late 60's, unreleased recordings)Untitled Fighter "BB" (Unfinished Fighting Game, 199X)Unwind With The Sweeties (Obscure Public Access Show)
Updates.Uplift of the Wild West (lost play)Ura Zelda (2000 64DD Add-On for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Urban Decay (Cancelled 1995 PC Game)Usahana: Yumemiru Ballerina (Lost episodes)Ushiro (Cancelled 2008 PSP RPG)
UzamiJericko (Lost Videos 2012-2016)V.V. Brown Unreleased Album "Lollipops and Politics" (2011)VB Mario Kart (Lost cancelled Virtual Boy game 1995)
VB Mario Land (Cancelled Virtual Boy Game, 1995)VH1's ILL-ustrated (Missing Episodes of 2004-2006 Series)VH1 Storytellers: Stone Temple Pilots Concert (Recored in 2000)
VR Troopers (Unaired Pilot; Full Version)V (Partially Lost ABC Split-Screen Credits, 2009-2011)Van Morrison Album "His Band And The Street Choir" (1970 A Capella Version)
Vangelis' Unreleased Albums (Late 1980's-Early 1990's)Various Aardman Cuprinol Commercials (1988-1997?)Various Adult Swim Pilots & Specials
Various Rocky Horror Sequel Songs (Songs from Cancelled Rocky Horror Sequel Ideas)Vec-Man(lost ZX Spectrum game)Vectorman (Cancelled PS2 Game) (partially found series of online games; 2011-2013)VeggieTales: Dance PartyVeggieTales: Where's God When I'm S-Scared? (Original 1993 Version)
VeggieTales "Englishman with an Omelet"VeggieTales (Partially Found 1996 Brazilian Dub)VeggieTales (Qubo/Syndicated TV Version)
VeggieTales (Rare Japanese Dub)VeggieTales (Rare Korean Dub)VeggieTales (Various Dubs)
VeggieTales (partially lost NBC TV version of CGI animated series; 2006)VeggieTales 1993VeggieTales Just for Me Personalized App (Lost 2009 app)
VeggieTales Live! (partially found live shows based on animated series; 2002-2015)VeggieTales Live (Original 2002 show)VeggieTales STARS Classroom Editions VHS (1998)
VeggieTales Theme Song (Original Unfinished Version, 1993)VeggieTales VCDs (Alby VideoCD, 1996-2001)VeggieTales on TV (Partially Lost Latin Spanish Dub)
Very Aggressive Vegetables (1998 Nickelodeon Short Series)Vette!(unreleased Sega Genesis port)Victoria Duffield "Alone Tonight" (Unreleased Studio Recording)
Video Killed the Radio Star (Lost Music Video)Videos Plus (14130 Juanita Dr NE, Bothell, WA)Viewer of the Year 2006 (Lost ITV Quiz show)
Viiru & Pesonen: Muisti pätkii (Lost 2009 Finnish Animated Movie)Villager News (Unaired 2013 Pilot)Villainous (English Dub)
Vinnie Jones Soccer Spectacular(cancelled Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, & Amiga game)Virginia Tech Shooter Complete Manifesto (2007)Virgul (Lost 1988 Animated Series)
Virtual Magic Kingdom (2005-2008 Online Disney Game)Virus(lost ZX Spectrum game)VisionVookies
Voiceplay elvira live (partially found live footage)Voleibol(lost unlicensed variation of Realsports Volleyball on Atari 2600)Voltron Middle Universe, Lightspeed Electroid Albegas and Mirai Robo Daltanious (Unmade Adaptation and Rare Anime)
Volvic puppet commercial demo (2006)Voracious chara (a lost vore channel)Vulture & Lemur
VvmaxplaysW*A*L*T*E*R (Found 1984 Spinoff Pilot)W.A.S.P.(lost ZX Spectrum game)
W.E.B. (Lost 1978 Drama Series)WBBM-TV (CBS) A Christmas Carol Commercial Breaks (December 22, 1985)WCW 2000 (Unreleased 2000 PlayStation 2 Game)
WCW Internet-only Special Events and PPVs (Lost 1997-1998 Audio Streams)WCW Nitro LIVEWCW Pay-Per-View Countdown Shows (1997-1998)
WEIRD SIMPSONS VHSWE NEED TO STOP LJUNTOWKRP in Cincinnati "The Contest Nobody Could Win" (Found Alternate Ending)
WLFI-TV Sign-off (circa 1989)WLIW Kids (Lost Long Island PBS Kids block)WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Chris Benoit Footage.
Wacky Races 2017 (Lost Japanese Dub)Wake Up Jeff! (original version)Wallykazam! (Rare UK Dub)
Walt Disney's "Lafflets" (1920s Series of Animated Shorts)Walt Disney's Disneyland (Colorized Version)Walt Disney's Disneyland (Lost US Dub)
Walter Melon lost comicsWaluigi's taco stand ( cancelled N64 game)Waluigi’s Taco Stand 64 (Cancelled N64 Game, Mid 90s - Early 2000s)
Wander Over Yonder (2012 San Diego Comic-Con Trailer)Wannapenguin's Lost VideosWanted: Smokin Guns
WarSat(lost ZX Spectrum game)War blowers longer version APM musicWar on Wheels (Cancelled 1991 NES Game)
Warhead 2000 (Cancelled 1996-1999 Bond film)WarioWare.Inc:Mega Microgames(Unused Levels)Wario Brothers.
Wars and Sawa (cancelled Disney movie)Was He a Boy Like Me? (lost VeggieTales animated music video; 2006)Was there a raid?
Wasei Kingu Kongu (Lost 1933 Silent Japanese Short Film)Watch Your Mouth! (Lost 1978 PBS Sitcom)Waynehead (1996–1997 Kids' WB! TV Series)
Waynehead (Lost German Dub)We're Back! A Dinosaur Story - deleted scene (partially lost scene of animated film; 1993)We're Back, A Dinosaur Story lost scene
We Are Family: A Musical Message for All (Original 2002 version)We Live Next DoorWe Wish You a Merry Walrus (Found English Dub)
Web Soup (Lost G4TV Show)Wedding Love (Lost TV Series 2002)Weebl and Bob (Non-Main Series Episodes)
Weed Attack(lost ZX Spectrum game)Weezer - Superfriend (Full Band Version) (Lost Song, 1995)Weinerville
Weinerville - Lost Episodes (1993-1996 Nickelodeon Series)Weird-Oh's (1999)Weird Al Yankovic's "Couch Potato" (Incomplete 2003 Music Video)
Weird Al Yankovic - Orgy On my Own (weird al singing version)Weird Herald (Unreleased 1968-69 Album)Weird Years (2006 Cartoon)
Welcome to Hell (Unresurfaced 2015 Rated R Claymation film)Welcome to Pooh Corner (partially found live-action puppet Disney show; 1983-1986)WestCOT
Westside Medical (1977 ABC Drama)What-A-Mess (1979 Smallfilms Series)What A Cartoon! "The Powerpuff Girls in: Meat Fuzzy Lumkins" (Lost Original Latin American Dub)
What Shall We Do Today? (Live Action Playhouse Disney series)What Smosh is in 30 seconds (Lost 30-Second Promo)What a Cartoon! (Partially Lost Cartoon Network Program 1995-97)
What if Someone Replaced "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps" with "Endangered Love" and "The Thankfulness Song" with "Scales and Arpeggios" in The End of Silliness?What is the QSR (Lost 1998)Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? (Lost Chinese dub)
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? (Rare/Unreleased Original Voice Audio and Unfinished/Unknown Episodes)Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? Pilot (original voice; 2000)What’s Wrong With Ruth? (Lost 2007 Cartoon Network pilot)
Wheel Of Fortune (Various Missing 1970s-1980s Episodes)Wheel of Fortune(unknown 2nd C64 version)Wheeler Dealer(lost ZX Spectrum game)
When the Going gets GothWhere's Waldo (1991 cartoon; lost Japanese dub of the show)Where Are They Now: The Reunions (Lost ITV Documentary)
Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (2013 Series Revival)Where The Wild Things Are Unfinished Film Adaptations (1980s-2000s)Where can i find Sailor Moon dubs?
Wheres Grandad?Long lost early 80s Irish water safety advert.WhirlGirl (Late 1990s-Early 2000s Web Series)Whiskeytown Album "Pneumonia" (Missing 1990s Tracks)
Whitehall Palace King Henry VIII Mural (1537 Hans Holbein Painting)Who's Watching the Kids? (Lost 1978 NBC Sitcom)Who Dares Wins(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1989 NES Game Hotline Message)Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Original United Kingdom Pilot EpisodeWhoopi's Littleburg (lost Nick Jr. puppetry TV series; 2004)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (unaired segments of ABC improvised comedy show; 1998-2004)Why Notch REALLY Sold Minecraft (Found Minecraft Machinima)Widescreen DVD Version of T.U.F.F. Puppy Season 1
Widescreen TV Version of Wacky Races (2017 TV series)Wiggle and Learn (Original 11-minute Version)Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (original version)
Wild Grinders: Behind the Skater- "Jay Jay, Champion of Germaphobia"Wild Life (Cancelled Disney Film)Wild Orchid Fire (2001 Unreleased Album)
Wildernuts (Lost British Dub)Wildernuts (Lost Pilot)Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down? (partially found animated series; 1970-1972)
Willard Scott's Home And Garden Almanac (1994 HGTV series)Windows Neptune and OdyessyWindows XP(lost bootleg NES port)
Windy (Found 1969 Sesame Street English short)Winnie The Pooh Sears Christmas Sponsor tagWinnie the Pooh lost prototype
Winx Club (Lost Armenian Dub)Witch MeWixx Club ( German Abridged Series )
Wizard of oz show (CEI)Wizards of Waverly Place - Lost EpisodeWoezel en Pip (Lost English Dub)
Wojti2000's removed videosWolf Pack (Lost 2006 Animated Series)Wolf Rock TV (lost animated series; 1984)
Wolfman vs. Baragon (Lost Fight Scene)Wolfman vs. Godzilla (1981 Unfinished Godzilla Fan Film)Wonder Pets! (Rare UK dub)
Woody Woodpecker - "Ration Bored" Lost Ending (1943)WordGirl (Original 2005 Pilot)Working Stiffs (1979 CBS Sitcom)
World Cup Italy 1990(lost ZX Spectrum game)World Rally(unreleased Sega CD game, 1992?)World Thumb Wrestling (Cancelled Thumbs! Short)
Wormholes (Found short by Stephen Hillenburg; 1992)Worms Battle Rally (Cancelled 2003 Video Game)Worms Battle Rally (Cancelled Worms Game)
Worst Intros On Youtube (Deleted/Privated Episodes)Worst Shock Sites by ScareTheaterWow! Wow! Wubbzy! (Lost Noggin Sneak Peek, c. Late 2002)
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (Rare UK dub)Wow Wow Wubbzy - The PartyWu-Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin (purposely lost album)
Wunschpunsch (Missing French Episodes)Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott (partially found Arabic CGI series, 1999-2006)Włatcy Móch/Lords of the Flies (Lost English Dub, Existence Unconfirmed)
Włatcy Móch Season 9 (Lost Uncensored Version)XX-Men (Cancelled 32X Video Game)
X-Men (Lost US Dub)X-Women: The Sinister Virus (Cancelled Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game; 1996-1997)X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (Alternate Ending; 1963)
XTRO(lost ZX Spectrum game)XXXTENTACION "Mona Lisa" Mixtape (2013)Xbox 360 Dashboard 2.0.1476.0/Unreleased date
Xorktrons(lost ZX Spectrum game)YTP: Greg Heffley Joins Jenny Craig (?) and another unknown DOAWK YTPYTP: Wallace Discovers The Dark Side Of The Moon (Lost YTP)
YTV Logo Change (2007)Yeah Yeah Beebiss I (Late 1980s Video Game, Existence Unconfirmed)
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