Year Of The Patriot (unreleased John Cale song)Yellow Submarine (1968 or 1969 cancelled EP)Yellow Submarine (2010 Animation Test and 2012 Canceled Animated Film)
Yin Yang Yo! (Lost German Dub)Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show (Cancelled 1986-1992 Series With Miscellaneous Production)Yo-Yo Ebony (1998 Unreleased Album)
Yo Gabba Gabba! (Rare UK dub)Yo Gabba Gabba (Lost Pilot Episodes;2006)Yoshi's Story (Game Boy Advance Tech Demo)
Yoshi RacingYou're In The Picture (Missing 2nd Episode From 1960s Game Show)You Do Too (Early 2000s British Nick Jr. Show)
You Do Too (US broadcast version of the show)You Don't Know Jack (Rare Japanese Version)You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It Or You’ll Lose That Beat (1971 Film)
You Only Live Twice (Jan Werich Footage; 1967)Your Face Sounds Familiar (Partially found UK singing contest)Your Favorite Martian Album (Unreleased)
Youri, the Spaceman (2002 CGI Animated Series)Yu-Gi-Oh! - Kids' WB! Exclusive MergersZX99(lost ZX Spectrum game)
ZX Pacman(lost ZX Spectrum game)ZX Trek(lost ZX Spectrum game)ZZ And the TTs Football Simulator(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Zabujard (deleated youtuber)Zack's Christmas (Lost Book)Zak Tales (Lost 1990 TV Series)
Zap(lost non-CPU arcade game)Zappe! Zappeur (Rare french children's puppet show block; 1987)Zarjaz(lost ZX Spectrum game)
Zeewolf(unreleased Sega Genesis port)Zentrix (Lost Serbian Dub)Zephyr:Rise of The Elementals (demo)
Zerox(lost Commodore 64 game)Zimmer Twins Telepicks and QuboPics (partially found; 2005-2008; 2007-2010)Zingalong (2003 Children's Series)
Zoe and Charlie (Lost 1993 Cartoon Episodes)Zoids: Genesis (English dub)Zombie Hotel (Lost adult show pitch for children's series, existence unconfirmed)
Zombie Hunger and Zombie Hunger 2 (1984 Richard Kern Short Films)Zone 00(lost ZX Spectrum game)ZooMoo Brazil "Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon" Next (Lost Bumpers 1990-1996)
ZooMoo Brazil Coming Up Next (Lost Bumpers 1986-1990)Zoo Tycoon ABCZoobilee Zoo (Missing Episodes + Unedited Outtake Reel)
Zoom (1999 Series)Zoom Season 8Zoom pilot (1996)
Zoomix (season 2)Zootopia (early prototype of the film; 2000)Zoo’s Clues Episode 1 (Lost/Unmade Episode)
Zubo: the TV Show¿Villanos merece ser tan idolatrada? (Super Wario Man original video)Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville's Lost Phonautograph Recordings (1853 to 1860)
Čarobni mač (Unconfirmed Croatian dub of Quest for Camelot)Ślizgawka w Łazienkach (lost Polish movie)Τα στοιχεία της Μπλού (Blue's Clues Greek Dub)
Սպունգ Բոբ (Partially found Armenian dub of Spongebob Squarepants)הרמזים של בלו (Blue's Clues Hebrew Dub)லிட்டில் ஐன்ஸ்டைன்ஸ் (Little Einsteins Tamil dub)
კვადრატულ შარვალი სპანჩ ბობი (Partially lost Georgian dub of Spongebob Squarepants)“Lost” Jimmy Neutron Interruptions信望愛 (Anthony Wong album)
借借你的愛 (Anthony Wong album)漂亮的中國人 (Hou Dejian song)炎の七重衝突 (Lost Japanese Dub of the 4th Episode of Wacky Races)
드레이크와 조쉬 Drake And Josh Rare Korean Dub블루스 클루스 Blue's Clues 2nd Korean Dub
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