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London Mobile Buddies was a British animated web series created by A.T Andrei Thomas about sentient cell phones in London, with episodes involving the phones getting killed in multiple ways. The series was known for being a ripoff of the animated web series Happy Tree Friends, with many episodes directly copying Happy Tree Friends episodes.

It is unknown when London Mobile Buddies was first created, but it was likely in the year 2010, some mentions of the series date back to January 2010, which may imply London Mobile Buddies could've been made in 2009. The series managed to gain a few fans in it's run, but many were ranting or complaining about how the show was a Happy Tree Friends ripoff. Production for the episodes stopped in at least 2013, with all the episodes removed from YouTube.

No full episode was available anywhere online until November of 2021, where the creator uploaded six of the episodes under the name "MobeBuds Classic", however, other media such as The Web Jacker is currently lost.

Known Footage and Episodes

Wikky's Restaurant

Wikky's Restaurant is an episode of London Mobile Buddies that copies the Happy Tree Friends episode Flippin Burgers, some photos or videos of this episode exist online. A post by Twitter user Camhead Owner of Camatainment Productions titled "Virgin London Mobile buddies VS. Chad Happy Tree Friends" showed a side-by-side comparison between Flippin Burgers and Wikky's Restaurant. Wikky (the green mobile buddy that does what Flippy does in the episode) flips the table that Bulkey (the yellow mobile buddy that takes Cuddles' place) was eating on, and shoves an explosive burger in his mouth and rips off his lips, the bomb causes his head to explode. Wikky then pops the head off a pink mobile buddy, and pours soda on her brain, causing her to short circuit and die. A London Mobile Buddies tribute video uploaded in 2010 shows a screenshot of the episode where it looks like Wikky dumps a mobile buddies' head in a grease fryer, causes said mobile buddies' flesh to melt off and exposes skeleton, that death likely copies Petunia's death in Flippin Burgers. A video uploaded on YouTube by ATProductionsAndSony, likely one of A.T Andrei Thomas's other accounts, is titled "Sony Bravia Internet TV NX803 AND London Mobile Buddies OWN uk ad in HD" and is an advertisement for London Mobile Buddies, the ad depicted more clips that resemble Flippin Burgers, such as the restaurant exploding and blasting burning mobile buddies all over the place, one mobile buddy gets ran over by a car.

The title for this episode was confirmed by the TV Tropes page for London Mobile Buddies, under some of the tropes. (Found)

Jony's Easter

In the same video titled "Sony Bravia Internet TV NX803 AND London Mobile Buddies OWN uk ad in HD", another clips depicts a mobile buddy in front of a giant egg. The egg hatches out a giant mobile buddy with bird features that presumably eats the mobile buddy that was in front of the egg. This is the only known footage of the episode. (Found)

Trailers and Teasers

Many trailers and teasers for London Mobile Buddies projects can be found on YouTube and on A.T Andrei Thomas's now deactivated Deviantart accounts. One trailer can be found on YouTube, titled as "London Mobile Buddies 7 - The Web Jacker", which depicts a mobile buddy with a face resembling an anonymous mask, stating how he will hack everyone, with clips also shown of many mobile buddies on their computers, the trailer also said "Coming 2010". Another teaser that was on one of the creator's now deactivated Deviantart accounts depicted Bulkey giving a middle finger to a portrait of Cuddles' from Happy Tree Friends, the picture was teasing a crossover between London Mobile Buddies and Happy Tree Friends titled "London Mobile Buddies: Cross-Over Rivals".

It is currently unknown if any of the above mentioned projects that were teased were ever made.


Current Status

The creator of the series A.T Andrei Thomas, has renamed the series Mobebuds, and now uploads speed drawing videos on his YouTube channel. Six London Mobile Buddies episodes were uploaded on his YouTube channel on November of 2021, and they were dubbed "Mobebuds Classic". Both the unnamed bird episode (name confirmed to be "Jony's Easter), and Wikky's restaurant were two of those episodes. All other video screenshots from the London Mobile Buddies Tribute video were also found.

However, The Web Jacker, which upon further investigation has a lot of proof of it's existence, and other potential projects are currently lost.