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Loretta the Letter Lady is a series of short inserts that aired on Nick Jr. (back when it was a block on Nickelodeon instead of a channel in its own right) in the mid 1990's. Each episode took place in "Nick Jr's Alphabet Store" (which is situated at the bottom of a grassy hill with no other buildings around) and featured Loretta the Letter Lady showcasing a certain letter in her store (among many others on shelves behind her), explaining the sound it makes and giving examples of words that begin with the letter in question (with accompanying visual aids). On at least two occasions, Loretta also makes up a new word that starts with the letter she's explaining.

As of 2019, two full episodes are known to have been uploaded online: One is the episode where Loretta the Letter Lady showcases the letter 'T', and the other is the episode where Loretta explains the letter 'I'. At least one other episode is known to have been produced and aired; among them is an episode where Loretta showcases the letter 'G'.


Nick Jr Face and Loretta the Letter Lady 1995



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