From 1991 to 2001, BBC2 made a collection of idents. These featured the number 2, which was splashed in blue paint, exploded with firecrackers, and being a remote-control car. With over 26 to 27 years of these behind us, some of them will go missing.

The Personality Ident sets is coming soon. ッ

  • Pop Art (Legendary to find)
  • Rembrandt Week (Partially FOUND) (Other Part Rare to find)
  • Edinburgh Nights (FOUND, although the curtain at the start is cut off a bit.)
  • Halloween: Version 1 (FOUND)
  • Halloween: Version 2 (FOUND)
  • Halloween: Version 3 (Better Quality; Uncommon to find)
  • Moon (FOUND)
  • Moon (With logo) (FOUND)
  • Shakespeare (Legendary to find)
  • Night School (AKA Book, Found)
  • The Comedy Zone (partially found in a Comedy Zone promo) (FOUND)
  • Camcorder (Found) (also found in the benriggers upload)
  • Super 8 (Existence unconfirmed but was FOUND)
  • X-Files Night V3 (found in the benriggers newest upload)
  • Gay Night (existence unconfirmed)

Here are some screenshots of the lost idents.

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