Lost Media Archive

Check it has been going on sence 2010 and dimentional has started in 2015 and theres some lost bumpers

  • Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash Up Next/Now Best Summer Ever (Lost)
  • Summer Camp Island Summer Time GO! ( ONLY AIRED 5 TIMES )
  • Wacky Races Summer Time GO! (aired one time)
  • UP NEXT Dimentional Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip (summertime go version) (Low quality FOUND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQpfcknOp-A)
  • CHECK it 1.0 stuffed nose bumper without nood. (LOST) (Arabic version found) (Asia version FOUND at 0:43 https://youtu.be/BPwpdQeu09g)
  • CHECK it 1.0 Coming Up Next/Later Halloween Bumper (FOUND https://youtu.be/nPM3pZUBtwM When it’s Recorded on TV)
  • The CHECK it 2.0 (YEEAUHHHH!) bumpers where a character exploding to another character (Lost)
  • New Time (9:00 To 8:00) 2014 Bumper (LOST)