In Cartoon Network Japan, aired same Station IDs used USA and Latin America until 2005, with Japanese/English bilingual. Inevitably, with over almost 20 years of these behind us, some will go missing.

The following is a list of more notable lost bumpers:

  • Looney Tunes "Hunting Season Poster" bumper
  • Looney Tunes "Daffy diving into sky" bumper
  • Looney Tunes "Wile E. Coyote's business card" bumper
  • Looney Tunes "Bugs in Space" bumper
  • Looney Tunes "Dressing Room" bumper
  • The Flintstones "Pay Stone" bumper
  • The Flintstones "You're fired!" bumper
  • 2 Stupid Dogs "Mr. Hollywood Flushes toilet" bumper
  • Dexter's Laboratory "Can I play with this?" bumper
  • Dexter's Laboratory "Mandark's Echo" bumper
  • Johnny Bravo "Bandages" bumper
  • Johnny Bravo "Johnny save the old lady" bumper
  • Cow and Chicken "Stamp" bumper
  • Cow and Chicken "Cow's fortune" bumper
  • Cow and Chicken "Seesaw" bumper
  • The Powerpuff Girls "Hopscotch" bumper
  • The Powerpuff Girls "Fighting Simulator" bumper
  • The Powerpuff Girls "Colors" bumper
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