In 1998, Central dropped The Cake and replaced the idents with the ones looking like Carlton's idents from 1996-1999. These include buildings, etc. With 2 years behind these, some will go missing.

  • Football (FOUND)
  • Talking (FOUND)
  • The Bill (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Coronation Street (FOUND)
  • Changing Letters (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Knock (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Ball (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Rumble (FOUND)
  • Sheepdog (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Noise (with audio) (FOUND)
  • ITV (early version) (FOUND)
  • Word Game (FOUND)
  • Blue/Orange (FOUND)
  • Unknown ident (audio only)
  • Clowning
  • Carlton Country
  • Unknown ident where a blue "CENTRAL" turns red
  • Unknown ident where Central logos in various colors zoom out
  • Crossword


  • Christmas 1998 (Mobiles)
  • Christmas 1998 (Lights) (with audio) (FOUND)
  • Christmas 1998 (Snowflakes) (with audio) (FOUND)



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