Crippling Deppresion Man (or CDM for short) was an short lived TROC 3 Contestant. He got eliminated in elimnation 9 placing 15th (now 16th)

His gameplay was quite ok. He was allied with Olive,Orager and MWOA, voting alongside them. Until CDM got eliminated.

One day Retro's account got deleted, and it has been hard to find them. Only 5 entries were uploaded by Retro (the creator of CDM) But The 5 Entries Were Taken down & They Are Completely Lost


Challenge 1: LOST

Challenge 2: LOST

Challenge 3: LOST

Challenge 4: LOST

Challenge 5: LOST

Challenge 6: LOST

Challenge 7: LOST

Challenge 8: LOST

Challenge 9: LOST

The entries are completely vanished.

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