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Please help me find that Degree Girl ad!

Back around 2006 or so, there was a Degree Girl ad that looked somewhat like the Sure Girl Ghost Train advert. However, one of the differences was that one of the animatronics was replaced with a police officer.

Description of the ad

The ad starts out like the Rexona Teens/Sure Girl Ghost Train advert, with the first animatronic being the father figure coming to take the riders home. The second one was the teacher, but her dialogue is different. In the version I saw, she yells at the riders to "come up to the front of the class", not the blackboard. And finally, we see the animatronic police officer, who asks for the riders' license and registration. It ended with the riders in the car screaming as it pulls away from the officer. It then cut to a black screen saying "We know what makes you sweat." And finally, we see the Degree Girl products with a female announcer saying "New Degree Girl! Protection for every OMG moment!"


Rexona Teens version (Australia)

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Sure Girl version (UK and Ireland)

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Degree Girl version (U.S.)

(We see the girls on the ride as it enters the first one, with the teacher animatronic:

Teacher Animatronic: You girls, come to the front of the class!

(The girls scream. The carts then pull to the next one, with the father animatronic)

Father Animatronic: Hey, pumpkin! Daddy's here to take you home!

(The girls scream again, and the carts the pull over to a hotel setting where an animatronic police officer comes up)

Officer Animatronic: License and registration, please.

(The girls then scream again for the third time as the carts pull away. It then cut to a black background)

Text: We know what makes you sweat.

(We then see the products on screen.)

Female Announcer: New Degree Girl! Protection for every OMG moment!