Lost Media Archive

Over the course of time, from 1999 until 2003, the Disney Channel in the UK aired a series of idents which featured three symmetrical circles forming the iconic Mickey Mouse head shape. With over seventeen years of these behind us, some will go missing.

  • "Space Bubbles" ident.
  • "Planet" ident (FULL version).
  • "Christmas Wreath" ident (FULL version). (FOUND)
  • "Christmas Slope" ident. (FOUND)
  • "Liquid Lightbulb" ident (WITHOUT the word in the bottom that reads "Les Grands Prix de I'Imagination" and a question mark on a blue liquid sphere).
  • "Popcorn" ident (ORIGINAL and FULL version with better quality) (FOUND).
  • "Popcorn" ident (The Wonderful World of Disney version with better quality).
  • "Paint Palette" ident.
  • "Cake" ident.
  • "Paint Splat" ident (1999 version).
  • "Alternate Paint Splat" ident.
  • "Spring" ident.
  • "Spiral" ident.
  • "Valentine's Day" ident (FOUND).
  • "Football" ident (used for Europe 2000; not to be confused with a "Soccer Ball" ident which featured two electronic circles and a soccer ball).
  • "Pie Splat" ident.
  • "Computer Mouse" ident.
  • "Flowers" ident (Spring 2000).
  • "Balloons" ident (with "Disney Channel" texts). (Playhouse Disney variant found)
  • "Marching Band" ident (with "Disney Channel" texts). (Playhouse Disney variant found)
  • "2D Circles" ident.
  • "Santa Claus" ident.
  • "Smash" ident (Used on Toon Disney).
  • "Paint Blobs" ident (FOUND).