Lost Media Archive

Goldfish crackers are baked crackers that was first introduced in 1962 in 2001 a slogan"The snack that smiles back" was first introduced in 2006 the finn and friends commercials were introduced how ever some commercials have become lost

Here are the list of the missing commercials

Finn moves in(short version)(Found)

Slumber party (short version)(Found)

Xtreme commercial(short version)(Existence unconfirmed)

Scary outlet(extended version)( Found but it's the comic book version the commercial version is lost)

More spanish commercials(2007?-2009)

Talent show(short version)(lost/existence unconfirmed)

Gilbert vs the Vacuum (Found)

Gilbert the brave commercial(With the goldfish whole gran bag at the end)(found in low quality)

More canada commercials(2006 or 2007-2009)