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For the Jam/Magnet bumpers and interstitials, see HBO Family Jam and Magnet Bumpers.


In 1999, HBO Family had bumpers like the Dots bumper, but in 2022 - present, those bumpers were keeping. One of these bumpers was posted on YouTube as a bumper for a "Feature Presentation" and another for the 7pm HBO Family movie. Then, HBO Family's bumpers changed to we see nowadays, but the classic bumpers involves rings, roller skates, a trampoline, and gymnastics to name a few. It featured the HBO Family logo in the bumpers with voiceovers for the classic "Next on HBO Family" bumpers with boing sounds and special sound effects. With the other classic "Next on Bumper for HBO Family involves 2 girls bumping into each other, a man with a remote and a girl hula hooping. 

Some of these bumpers are archived on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. The bumpers were designed by some specific people from Hey! Design. The Dot bumpers started out in 1999. Until 2021 - present, HBO Family had Dot bumpers in every graphic for HBO Family, the "Next" bumper, the "Tonight" bumper, the "Tomorrow" bumper, and the "Today" bumper with specific music singing the network's name while using it for the "Next on", "Tonight on", "Feature Presentation" and other bumpers for HBO Family.