HBO Family.

HBO Family Had one of the next bumpers like this either in 1999 or 2003.

Next on the 7 PM Family Movie Next on HBO Family

In 1999 HBO Family was launched to join the HBO Multiplex Channels. HBO Family Had unknown music for the next bumpers, but the first one involved woman bumping into another and a man with a remote and a girl hula hooping while the other involved people jumping on trampolines. with Josh LEBOWITZ, a HBO Family Character or the other announcer saying "Next on HBO Family__________ Next." with someone singing the network's name. "HBO FAMILY"

These Are the missing Next bumpers that I Need help finding. and the Following are:

A Little Curious(Missing)

Crashbox Featuring the voice of Sketch Pad. (Missing)

The Little Lulu Show(Missing)

The Adventures of Paddington Bear (Missing)

Rainbow Fish (Missing)

Movies That Have Aired on HBO Family Like Black Beauty 1999-2003 (Missing)

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