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The Love Stories Channel was the first channel dedicated to romance films whose segments were hosted by Ali McGraw, and began in 1994 along with The Westerns Channel the former place to " Saddle up with the Legends" hosted by the late Dennis Weaver and The Mystery Channel, the former place "Where Suspense Rules" hosted by Stacy KEACH while the Action Channel the placed for Non-Stop Action-Packed Excitement, hosted by the late Burt Reynolds, WAM! TV America's KIDZ Network "The Channel By, For and about kids with "Entertainment that educates and education that entertains that showed Different kids programs and kids movies that did not have an R Rated program ever. and the True Stories Channel the former place for "Real life drama" with movies that has drama movies which help tell it like it is Hosted by The Late Lynn Redgrave and then Jay SCHADLER began in 1995 as the true stories & drama channel. STARZ! theater the place for the Best of STARZ! All week long began in 1996 as STARZ! 2 and BET Movies, the first black movie channel has launched in 1997. While Movie PLEX began in 1998, STARZ! Cinema the network for everyone who was and is compassionate about movies via movies that touch you and STARZ! Family the place that was "#1 in Family Movies that did NOT a single R Rated or TV-MA/TV-14 Program ever." began in 1999. The Love Stories Channel's Next on Bumper involved an orange/lime background, curtains and a loving couple and later a gray/white background. while the next and later involved this order:


"Romance Movie Title"

Names of Film Stars


Duration of the Movie

The Love Stories channel gave us commercial free romance movies that made us tear up a little and felt in a lot of love. The Love Stories Channel was one of the 7 Different Encore theme Channels and the 12 different premium movie channels of the STARZ! encore Super Pak . The Love Stories Channel had blocks with movies being highlighted every single month on blocks like Salute to the King, Love By the Book, Passport To Love, Romantic Comedies, Intermezzo, Heart Throbs and more. The Love Stories Channel was the place to escape to romance.

Two videos were found on YouTube from a partial from CHENOWETHRULES and the full one from Timmy Jones. the Next and Later bumper involves the announcer saying this "(Something Specific) Next on Encore's Love Stories Channel/The Love Stories Channel. Escape To Romance.

It is not yet clear on who made the graphics for encore's Love Stories Channel, but in 2005 The Love Stories Channel became the encore love channel, then the encore classic channel in 2013. While it changed again to the STARZENCORE Classic channel we see forever now, The Love Stories Channel had lost of commercial free Romance films than anywhere else.