Lost Media Archive

Here at the Lost Media Archive, there are a few rules that the user must follow, bellow they are listed.

  1. Use good grammar. If you're going to be making an article, than at least try to keep the grammar and punctuation looking nice. If the grammar is so bad to the point where the article is simply in-comprehensible and impossible to understand, then the page will most likely be removed.
  2. Don't Spam: Spam is actually one of the reasons why I adopted the wiki, please don't make fake/spam articles. If you begin to do this, you will be given a warning, if you do it again, you will be blocked from editing on the site and all the spam pages you made will be quickly removed. Any spamming on comments will not be tolerated either.
  3. Do not advertise in pages as it will only annoy the reader. You may advertise in the comments as long as you do not spam, however.
  4. Absolutely no vandalism: any destructive or harmful edits to a page will result in a ban.
  5. Please be kind to people and don't cause fights.
  6. When marking a page for deletion, do not add unnecessary categories like 'DELETE THIS NOW!' as it is immature, spamming and won't help the page get deleted faster. When marking a fake page for deletion only put {{delete|Fake}}. See more about this here.
    • In addition, please add at least one reason for the page being deleted. A reason for the deletion may be inserted by typing {{delete|(insert reason/reasons here)}}
  7. Pages should be well-written and detailed. Pages that do not meet the quality standard may be deleted if they are not re-written within a week.
  8. Sources are optional on a page itself, however, you must give sources when asked about where you heard about the topic. Otherwise, we will not believe that the page is about something real.
  9. Don't edit someone else's sandbox without their permission.
  10. If you receive a banning, do not come back on an alternate account. Instead, message an admin on Community Central to request the ban removed, if you think the ban was unfair, and the admin will determine if the ban was fair or not.
  11. Do not, and I repeat, do not copy and paste any full paragraph, or paragraphs of our articles for other wikis, as it is plagiarism and stealing.
  12. Any promotion of other wikis about Lost Media will be removed, as these wikis tend to spread false information about this wiki and plagiarize pages from here.
  13. As of now, any pages about real-life lost suicide or death footage are prohibited, due to many users agreeing that they are too disrespectful to the person who died.
    • An exception can be made for pages about real-life murder footage as they can be useful to solve crime cases, but the pages must be marked with the NSFL template.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a banning.