Lost Media Archive

A screenshot of Mr. Nobody's video list taken moments before the channel's deletion.

Mr. Nobody was a music producer that made many fan projects of the artist "The Caretaker". The channel had over 6.5 thousand subscribers, and he was an active member of the community. However, his channel was completely deleted along with his discord account after he was exposed for being an incredibly nasty person at the time, And no archives of any of his music exists, and most of his videos are lost.

Mr. Nobody has since returned to YouTube with a sincere apology, so an official upload of Faces On A Wall is now on his new channel, however - he made no backups of most of his work, meaning a lot of it is either permanently deleted or lost until someone with a copy appears.

(Note: I apologise for the lack of information on many of these. These are all so unknown and so hard to find that any information at all is scarce.)

The Albums (3 Found, 2 Partially Found)

As mentioned previously, Mr. Nobody had many album releases across the channel's short lifespan.

Songs From The Broken Symphony (Status: Found!)

SFTBS is the earliest known upload on Mr. Nobody's YouTube channel. The album is simply a combination of each track he made for The Forgotten Orchestra Part 1: It's All Forgotten Now. The video was uploaded some time in May of 2021.

The Decayed Wedding (Status: Lost)

TDW is one of, if not the least known album that was ever uploaded to Mr. Nobody's channel. The album was presumably uploaded in May of 2021, and absolutely nothing else is known about it.

Alone In Darkness (Status: Lost)

Alone In Darkness was another very unknown album released to Mr. Nobody's channel in June of 2021, the album was a collaboration with BlissfulReverie. We didn't even know the full title until recently.

Faces On A Wall (Status: Reuploaded by creator)

Faces on A Wall is a 5 and a half hour long album created by Mr. Nobody and The Carebear, another prominent Caretaker fan artist. The album shows the progression of a person with severe chronic depression resulting in what is presumed to be suicide. The album was and still is a fan-favorite.

UPDATE: This album has been reuploaded by the creator on a new channel.

First archived version

Official reupload

Songs From The Void II (Status: Lost)

SFTV2 was yet another very unknown album released some time in May.

Till Death Do Us Part (Status: Found!)

TDDUP is one of the longer albums released on Mr. Nobody's Channel, which was again, made some time in May. The album has been fully archived and reuploaded on the channel "TheHaunted Ballroom", and can be listened to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUyirVNpZ8s&t

Nowhere At The Millennium of Space But With Voices (Status: Partially Found)

NATMOSWV was a project intended to recreate Nowhere At The Millennium of Space as with all the original sample's voices. There was actually a 3rd one teased in his Album Roadmap video, which was never released. This album is getting fully remade by "Dante Timberwolf" Who inspired the original album.

"Stage 2" Has been archived. But stage 1 and the tracks leaked in his "Album Roadmap video" has yet to be found

Dead Man Music (Status: Lost)

Dead Man Music, as with many of the others on here - was a very unknown album that is rumored to take place on a sunken pirate ship.

A Hollow Dawn To Nothing (Status: Partially Found)

AHDTN was a An Empty Bliss Beyond This World fan project collaboration between Mr. Nobody and The Cheesetaker, released sometime in July 9th, 2021. This is the only one on this list that has a surviving track list which will be listed below.

Track list (From The Caretaker Fan Projects Wiki)

Title Artist Length
Your Mind Is Cemented In That Place Mr.Nobody 3:35
Placid Times Of Serene Brilliance The Cheesetaker 3:37
Oceans Of Exponential Visibility The Cheesetaker 2:12
Linda’s Delay Mr.Nobody 2:53
Our Disappearance Is Inevitable The Cheesetaker 2:22
A Hollow Dawn To Nothing Mr. Nobody & The Cheesetaker 3:41
Implanted In The Desolate Mind The Cheesetaker 2:17
Times Of True Beauty Resurfaced The Cheesetaker 2:49
Caves Of Obscured Fog Mr.Nobody 2:27
Cut To Its Very Least Mr.Nobody 1:35
Caves Of Obscured Fog Mr.Nobody 2:28
A Hollow Dawn To Nothing Mr. Nobody & The Cheesetaker 2:45
Lost Feelings In Minimal Amounts The Cheesetaker 2:10
Togetherness Of True Distances The Cheesetaker 2:33
Glory Ever Slipping Through Our Grasps Mr.Nobody 2:14
Delusions Escaping The Cheesetaker 2:47
Our Fantasy Has Been Cast Away The Cheesetaker 2:31

The Songs

There were many songs that were released on their own on Mr. Nobody's channel. A list will be provided below.

The Bash From The Past

MARIA is a fucKiNg WHORE

Comradeship At Limbs Limit

The Overlook

What Does It Matter How My Heart Breaks Cover

The Videos

Many videos and shitposts existed on his channel, these can either be very easy or insanely hard to find. Many of them existed as video files and were posted on discord, any that weren't are completely missing.

Announcements And Future Plans!

Updates Regarding Phase 3 And A Big Thank you

Nowhere At The Millennium of Space But With Voices Concept

FoAW Plans And Phase 4

Bad And Good News

so this happened :I

Carebear's Update Video But It's Vocoded To I'll Be Remembering You

A Shitpost

Mr. Nobody's Guide To Editing-Part One

Shitpost 2

Update Date Time (oh yeah and a face reveal)

New Website and Discord Server



QnA Announcement!

Album Roadmap