NET is a educational network which stands for National Educational Television which is known for the red N yellow E and blue or green T

And known for programming mr rodgers neighbourhood and sesame street but once they took the first and second stars of the looney tunes

Bosko was the first one and buddy the second known for being bland were chosen to be colorized by NET from feb 1969 until sep 1969

but all completely lost due to negative comments and Warner Bros stole the rights to the colorized shorts

In 2006 someone uploaded the intro and ending of buddy steps out and a screenshot of bosko's dizzy date in Britain known as Bosko and Honey

but all lost the following year and also unknown if they colorized the merrie melodies,beans shorts and the black and white porky pig shorts

And no known screenshots have been surfaced in this day and its very unlikely to do so and warner bros will probably delete them very quickly.

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