Before Virgin Media launched, there was NTL & Telewest; this article here we're discussing the information channel promos & presenters. As some of you know, Telewest's information channel was Channel 890 which was fronted by actor Adam Astill who was visiting the Morrison family about how the TV/broadband/phone systems worked, and a bit of confusion over Slot A! After Adam & Sally Meen gave up their ghosts, there was quite a few frequent changes in the presenter rota between 2005 & 2007.

  • December 2005:- Anoushka Williams, Nana (a black lady unknown surname) & Dave (unknown surname) presented the looping demonstrations behind a green screen, accomplished by a looping NTL "Pantomime" advert, Big Game TV at around midnight & Best Direct shopping channel in early mornings. The telephone number was 0800 183 1010.
  • January 2006:- Dave was briefly joined by ginger-haired Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud), behind a green screen once more; when Dave presented, Nicola's hands were in front of him. Nana made her permanent exit.
  • February 2006:- A new crammed studio where Anoushka joined Dave after a month's absence.
  • March 2006:- Toonattik's Anna Williamson joined Anoushka & Dave for a short while, reading out that all important information; this wasn't to last.
  • June 2006:- The format changed a lot. At the end of promos, silhouettes of the very same 3 women who presented the dance tutorials from the original Dance Party CD from 2005 appeared.
  • September/October 2006:- Tim Dixon (of Finger Tips fame) fronted the Video On Demand (VOD) monthly promos. By then, the major EPG reshuffle occurred, so the channel was moved to Channel 999.
  • November 2006-January 2007:- Tim's stint was short-lived, meaning he was replaced by Simone Bienne who fronted the monthly VOD promos.
  • After that:- Virgin Media launched. Radio 1's JK & Joel demonstrated the then-brand new Virgin Media TV/broadband service alongside a cartoon family; soon they were all ditched in favour of an animated cat & bird. Nearly all of the above eras have been lost for years, and only the cat & bird demonstrations have been surfaced (all but 2). There are some bits & pieces of the other eras too, but not much.
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