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Face was the original host of the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon. He first appeared in between airings of shows on September 5, 1994 (although the Nick Jr. block had aired without a host since January 1988). Face had a redesign in 2003 in which he gained a deep voice that was evidently meant to sound more "hip", full pupils, and eyebrows. These promos were panned by viewers, and they gave him his old look back a few months later until Face was ultimately replaced by Piper the Possum. Promos of this Face has been lost for sometime, until a promo had been uploaded called Face The Windowshade and several more like a bouncy promo and a yoyo promo.

Lost Promos


Nick Jr. Face the Windowshade (2003)

Face The Windowshade


Face the Windowshade bumper (Max & Ruby Version)

A better version of "Face the Windowshade".


Face the Artist


Nick Jr - Face - YoYo (2004)

An unknown Yoyo bumper


Face Promotes the Rubbadubbers


NickJr Face Bonches (Reuploaded)

Bouncy Face bumper


"Face looks at the stars" & "Face promotes Dora" (RARE, 2003)

Face looks at the stars & Face promotes Dora