Lost Media Archive
  • "Refrigerator" Bumper (Elephant Version) (1988)
  • "Shadow Puppets" Bumper (1989)
  • "Monsters at the Opera" Bumper (2000) (FOUND)
  • "Thanksgiving" Bumper (2001-
  • "Singing Frog" Bumper
  • "Kids Playing and Swinging Outside" Bumper (with the instrumental and flute version of "Nick Jr. is Just for Me!", excluding the kids saying "Just for Me!" in 6 times) (UK only) (2000)
  • "Octopuses" Bumper (2003)
  • "Rabbits" Bumper (2003?)
  • "Ladybugs" Bumper (2003?) (FOUND)
  • "Duck Blocks" Bumper (1996) (UK version)
  • "Franklin" Up Next Bumper (2001; used during the "Where I Play to Learn" era; full version lost)
  • "It's Time to Play" Intro (UK version; 2002-2005?)
  • Other up next bumpers with children (UK version; 2002-2005?)

UPDATE: 6/28/16: The "Shadow Puppets" and "Monsters at the Opera" bumpers have been found! These can be found at: [1] and [2]

UPDATE: 7/25/16: Belloqi Robes2 deleted all his videos, so now the "Shadow Puppets" bumper is now lost once again!

UPDATE: 6/01/17: The "Shadow Puppets" bumper has been found again. This bumper can be found at: [3] (at 0:00)

UPDATE: 7/9/18: The video that shows the "Shadow Puppets" bumper doesn't work anymore, so now the "Shadow Puppets" bumper is lost yet again!

UPDATE: 7/28/19: You can find the "Shadow Puppets" bumper on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nADT9c5cF7c

UPDATE: 6/12/21: An extremely rare up next bumper from the UK featuring Thomas & Friends has been found here: [4]

UPDATE: 6/23/21: It has been confirmed that there is no next bumper for "Max & Ruby" during the "Where I Play to Learn" era, as they just kept using the "Face loves hopping" promo.