• Chair Bumpers (featuring a woman setting up a city) (1986)
  • "No Quarter" Bumper (featuring Logobelly) (1998)
  • "Flub" Bumper (featuring Logobelly) (1998)
  • "Boom" Bumper (featuring Logobelly) (1998)
  • "Always Something On" Bumper (featuring Logobelly) (1998)
  • "Punch the Clock" Bumper (featuring Logobelly) (1998)
  • "Knight in the Shining Armor" Bumper (1991)
  • "The Nite Belongs to Nick" Bumper (1991) (removed from TV screens due to a copyright claim by Michelob)
  • ​"Smooth Satellite" Bumper (1991)
  • Nick at Nite sign on bumper (featuring different Nickelodeon logo (the bouncing orange ball turning to splat) (1998)


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